Saturday, April 29, 2006

I Know What It Means to be Red, White and Blue

The National Minority Anthem

Catch a hardworking, talented, awesome Entertaining minority by the toe
If he can sing in English
Let him go

A long day in the cotton field
Another bale of hay
Wrong turn down an alley
And the heat's on today
Got to run to catch up
With the Jones

Nobody said you had a free ride
Takin my family, my music, my pride
Into their hands, they took it away so I moved
to the city and here I will stay
Keepin with me the dream of singin my song
If you listen you'll hear me even when I am gone

My public, my passion, my liberty bells
Now the glory crowd gathers, the glitter, the swells
With song all around me
Applauding and new
And I know what it means
to be Red, White, and Blue


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