Monday, August 14, 2006

Ann Coulter to Boycott Muslim Immigrants

Ann Coulter needs a new cause celebre.

Godless? Not unless you can fathom the holy trinity comprised of Ann Coulter, Dick Cheney and DRACULA blowing through the Beltway with a brand new makeover... like Mistress of All-Things-Muslim. Now is the time for America to offer up our biggest literary bat in the belfry, Ann Coulter, as the new IMAM MAMA to the Muslim world -- America's token tit-for-tat sacrifice for all the things we have done wrong to incur Islamic wrath.

On the news that British officials uncovered a terrorist plot to blow up ten American bound airliners last week, Ms. Coulter is primed to take on a new cause: boycotting Muslim immigrants from entering the United States. Single-handedly -- and she doesn't even need Tom Friedman's help.

After years of terrorizing the collective American psyche with her book titles that make a mockery of all things literary, even Ann Coulter, with the backing of the current administration, can hardly dispute that there has never been a better time for the Republican party to heap on new immigration reforms that would prohibit corporations, universities and every 7-Eleven from Tonawanda to Tijuana from recruiting Muslim immigrants until worldwide Islamic fundamentalism is eradicated. Let's support Ann Coulter in her bold attempts to rid the world of terrorism by halting Muslim immigration and deporting all suspected terrorists. Even if it means deporting Ms. Coulter, we can all agree that would not be such a bad thing because after all, we are sacrificing America's best-of-battiest to a new cause celebre.


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