Sunday, August 6, 2006

Open Letter to Arianna about Angelides vs. Arnold

Dear Arianna,

Although I have not read any HuffPo posts to date (have I missed any?) about your insights and support of Phil Angleides for Governor, I look forward in the upcoming campaign days ahead to your expressed views and presumable support of your Greek California neighbor to the north in this challenging race.

Arianna, there are many wildly over-compensated faux Democrats here in Silicon Valley who breath new meaning into words like "hubris" and "self-serving", having nothing at all to do with the core values of the Democratic party and stand only to gain personally from profitable relationships with Republican politicians and policies. These over-served stock option carnivores manipulate the game with their mutual admiration society venture capital cronies and manage to move into the entertainment industry food chain which is where, and tragically of all places, their myopic, "bipartisan" politics seem to be ending up. Does the State of California really need more Arnold or does Arnold need more Arnold?

Phil Angelides is a person of integrity, who is working to help the eroding middle-class here in California with sound, intelligent policies and endorsements which will bolster our citizens and our economy. Visit his website at As Bill Clinton said at last weeks Angelides Beverly Hills Fundraiser, "Republican policies have left middle-class Americans struggling to pay for health care and education while wages have grown stagnant".

If Arnold wins, we get more Arnold not only in California, but for a future presidential bid. On the whole, self-service is the direction we are headed for here in America. Close down the capitol building. Who needs it. Turn it into a movie theatre with Terminator re-runs for years to come. It is a colossal waste of money to maintain and operate when Arnold can sit in his media room at home and televise his potent image and policies to us all any time he wants to. Now that the media is being snapped up by charlatans with too much money and are in full control of what the masses think and how they will vote, capital cities may as well be a thing of the past. Splendid for the self-serving, this devolution of politics. But what about this quaint notion called "society"?

Most truly yours,


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