Monday, November 26, 2007

Citigroup to Slash 45,000 Workers

And in the "First World," they are hard at work, diligently trying to eliminate the middle class.

"Corporations Are People, Too."

Charles "Chuck" Prince is stepping down as chairman and chief executive of Citigroup Inc. with stock and retirement benefits worth about $60 million, at the very same time plans to slash as many as 45,000 workers from the payroll in order in what is being referred to as a massive “layoff” in order to “position our businesses in line with economic realities," said a Citi spokeswoman.

How do they sleep at night? Oh, that’s right. With Blackwater security patrols surrounding their gated, moated properties, dreaming of plebes eating cake, as victors in this war on the middle class while the middle class sleeps.



Citizen Carrie said...

Corporations can axe 45,000 workers just as easily as they can slash the cost of 45,000 pencils from their office supply budgets.

Don't feel sorry for the 45,000 unlucky ones. They will have no problems finding new jobs and will soon be better off than ever before. (Remember to say this in the same patronizing tone of voice as parents telling their children that the dog they're abandoning in the country will be taken in by a nice family.)

2Truthy said...

"Don't feel sorry for the 45,000 unlucky ones."

Oh CC, you had me goin' there for a minute:)

The Hood of Maplewood said...

It's great to be a corporate person HOOD.