Saturday, November 24, 2007

Imus and Airwave Pollution: Where's Al Gore When You Need Him?

“If there's no redemption, what are we here for?" -James Carville

Don Imus Back on the Airwaves December 3

“If there's no redemption, what are we here for?" What does that mean?

Let’s see now…does Carville mean that if Imus doesn’t get to have his old high paying job back and get to call half of the Rutgers University women’s basketball team “nappy headed hos” again, that Imus has no other redeeming, worldly purpose here on earth? Could it be?

Don Imus is coming back to the airwaves after making offensive comments about a few female Rutgers basketball players. Rory O’Connor explains how the ten “Imus Enablers” and the lure of the trough keeps this incestuous band of ham hocks glued together in this AlterNet article

“It didn't take long for the Don Imus enablers to re-emerge. Just months after the racist, sexist and homophobic shock jock was fired for his on-air characterization of the Rutgers University women's basketball team as "nappy-headed ho's" -- and less than two weeks after Citadel Broadcasting announced his impending return to radio -- the Big Media and Big Politics elite are crawling out of the woodwork to embrace Imus all over again.”

When it comes to sticking up for his pal Imus for his misogynistic, racial slur, Carville goes on to say that he defends the speaker, not the speech.

That’s swell, if you have no principles. But shouldn’t he BLAME the speaker and condemn the speech he gave? All the redemption in the world can’t retract what Imus said about these student basketball players who did nothing to him. Why reward this guy by giving him back his old job when there are plenty of others who could replace him? Yes, there are plenty of radio professionals who could fill the I-Man’s shoes if given the chance. But noooooo……

Sure, Carville can defend a morally bankrupt pal all he wants, but there is nothing moral or principled in doing so. Rather, the old guns don’t kill, people kill argument applies here when it comes to what Imus said about the Rutgers basketball team: Words were the weapon of choice that demeaned and belittled a group of female minority students, wielded by some ROWG with a microphone and an audience of over ten million (some of whom, no doubt, were rallied on by this racial and misogynistic slur) and yet, rather than replace Imus with another talented radio disc jockey, they call him back?

Forget about the hate speeches against women and the cheap laughs. Oh, it’s all for the money, and the soulless, enabler friends and audience ghouls who gobble up such Imus epithets like

"brillohead, dark meat, Mandingos, Uncle Ben, gooks, chinks, slanty-eyed bastards, queers, homos, ho's, lesbos, gorillas, pimps, and knuckle-dragging."

It’s a proud day in hell, to be sure, for all of those tractor pulling motherfuckers out there who think Imus and his hypocritical, corporate welfare voting, Hillary loving enablers are shining role models of redemption here in the United States of Corporate America. It's true.

Slur onwards, Don Imus! Your pitchfork awaits you!



Anonymous said...

All the woman talk shows like the View, Oprah, and Regis ought to be all over this.

2Truthy said...

I agree, anon. The whole point is that bipartisan $$$$ elites of all races are blowing that shameful Imus slur off as "bad judjment" etc. when someone else should take over that job.

Anonymous said...


2Truthy said...

yo anon (the one who parses English with Latin),
Anyone with a dictionary and a spell checker knows that using the n word under any circumstances is just plain, bad-ass form and, in this case of the basketball players, doesn't bode well.
See, that's just it. Dave Chappelle can say this kind of shit and its funny but ROWG Imus pseudo rapping the equivalent in reference to a talented group of young college women athletes of color is misogynisitic, racist, hateful, creepy and oh yeah, it sucks.

bevinaz said...

Amazing Whitney, her voice is unreal. I'd love to hear her live.