Friday, November 17, 2006

Corporate Welfare Workers Anonymous

"To spin, perchance to scheme." -William Shakespeare's ghost as he spins in his grave over Beltway greed.

Corporate Welfare Workers Anonymous

Anyone know the name of Jimmy Crack Carville's 'public relations' consulting company? Is it Corporate Welfare Workers Anonymous? Enough talk about looking for integrity in all the wrong places.

There's big money in the quaint yet adddictive cottage industry known as corporate welfare, funded exclusively by middle class tax payers. You know -- the same cash that you and I pay out to uncle Sam each year. November's midterm election delivered to Democrats the House and Senate and yet, somehow, the Democrats (you know, that faux republican lite group whose names here shall remain anonymous for now) are taking swings at the very core of the party that made it happen.

Back in 2003, Rahm Emanuel made a pledge to "stop rewarding low ethics with high returns"

And look how so very FAR we have come over the past three years
And just this week, insider beltway Democratic consultant, James Carville, got in front of a news camera and told us all how he thinks Howard Dean - who was responsible for the success of mobilizing the party -- should now step down as DNC Chair in favor for Harold Ford!

To the average Democrat on a dirt farm in Iowa, it would have to appear that Carville must be developing a mighty relationship with his CRACK pipe when he suggested that Dean be replaced as head the DNC in favor of Ford.

Thanks alot, Howard. See ya'll maybe at a tractor pull down in Bristol, VA next time you're in town lookin' for work!

It is remotely quite possible that Dean's anti-corporate welfare stance would pose a threat to his M.O. and no doubt to his stock portfolio? If this is the case, the spinning and desperate self promotion has only just begun.

Aw Shucks....if only these two could possibly change horses and use what influence together they have to work for progressive, meaningful change that would positively affect the lives of over 50 million Americans without health insurance and jobs? That they (together with wife, Mary Matalin) could work to halt the erosion of the middle class through using their collective insider 'consulting' influence and contacts to work for socially responsible employment, trade, and healthcare legislation with teeth?

How noble that cause would be. A cause, indeed, reserved only for the truly noble.

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