Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Not Enough Chiefs

Too Many Indians and Not Enough Chiefs
Snake oil? Cooking oil?? Who cares anymore about the neighborhood?

Makes no difference when greedy and hubris driven CEO's get rid of America's educated, upwardly mobile, white collar professional middle class executives, computer scientists and physicians in favor of an overloaded, unskilled and cheap labor force. As our quality of goods and services plummet, the dollar tanks and the country faces bankruptcy, CEO's and Beltway insiders fatten up their stock portfolios while America turns into the third world quagmire it's becoming...with an overabundance of cheap, foreign labor, CEO's and their political operatives fashion themselves as the new lords and cultural rock stars of public policy...all this without public and social policy oversight! Today's Mercury News includes a hideous, major promotions piece for outsourcing giant, Wipro
** Note to Evanston: Online articles don't tend to stick around long **
Like all MSM rags, this San Jose Mercury News piece is nothing more than a press release for Wipro and has nothing whatsoever to do with journalism -- let alone "investigative" journalism. This press release was written by an employee of the Mercury News whose job is to sell whoever and whatever will keep himself in a job as approved by his corporate welfare sponsored management (formerly Knight-Ridder.) Newspapers these days have morphed into corporate welfare sponsored PR outlets...and they expect the Plebes to actually PAY to subscribe to this propaganda masquerading as "reporting"? Never mind the "investigative" part! Fair and balanced? The great myth in America is that we need millions of imported workers to replace the jobs that educated white collar Americans now hold or have held. Why? For corporate profit. For every American professional, most with advanced degrees, corporations replace each one with 2-6 foreign workers, many with unverifiable educations and weak or non-existent English skills, who will work for a fraction of the compensation.
Six years ago, when I saw a news photo of Hillary Clinton posing in a Wipro tee-shirt with the cooking oil salesman turned CEO of Wipro, (a billionaire Indian whose outsourcing company is complicit in eradicating the educated American middle class) in New York City, I knew something was really wrong - not only with Wipro, but with Hillary -- and her handlers or 'consultants' as the nation anticipates her announcement to run in 2008. Needless to say, she is a consummate supporter of corporate welfare policies.
Who is minding the chicken coop? Where is the oversight? Tom Friedeman and his billionairre friends and the David Brooks wannabe crowd are laughting all the way to the bank with the caste system this great myth is creating in America.
There is nothing wrong with a company hiring verifiably educated and highly skilled immigrants who are experienced for a job, when needed. But to first fire millions of educated Americans with advanced degrees in favor of the wholesale hiring of many millions of dubious, underskilled workers who can barely speak English and are less educated than our citizens is treasonous.
There exists absolutely no oversight within corporations as millions of middle class Americans continue to lose their job prospects, health insurance and pensions. In addition, the media suggests that our schools are at fault, citing America's failed public school system as the culprit, insisting that the only way to remedy this mythical problem is to lift H1B visa caps and allow unlimited millions of students from India to attend our competitive colleges. In the same way that the media downplayed global warming over the past 35 years due to their corporate owned bosses, the myths and lies that are spun on a daily basis by our political and corporate "leaders" are destoying our country.
Why? All for plummeting wages and eradicating middle class, educated Americans. America's corporations have very few, if any "chiefs" who care about product quality or people. It is a club of smug sycophants, continuously looking over their shoulders to see how the other guy is driving down wages and how fast they can race them to the bottom who use the 'Great Education Myth' as a smokescreen to deflect attention from their greedy agenda which is bolstered by harmful so-called trade agreements like NAFTA. After all, a mutual admiration society that insists on elite status is only capable of accomodating a finite group of individuals.
American corporations need CEO's with integrity and foresight who know that building strong and enduring companies starts first with valuing fellow Americans who pay taxes and support our educational system. We need a fair and balanced set of immigration and employment policies that put America first. As educated Americans, we deserve to reap the economic rewards of our hard work and politicians who stand up for what is right. Unless the Plebes wake up and say "no more" to the shameless "corporate elite" and Beltway insiders who are working day and night to sell us out by pushing corporate welfare shills as presidential candidates, we can consider ourselves complicit in this race to the bottom and downfall of our civilization.
No Hillary, No Biden, No Barack; Or Gore, who all uphold the corporate welfare machine.


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