Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lou Dobbs to Corporate America: Get a Conscience!

"What we all need to be about now is honesty and forthrightness. And the truth is, our political, business and media elites have abandoned the cornerstone of this great nation: equality of rights, equality of economic opportunity and equality of educational opportunity." -Lou Dobbs

Listen up Larry Ellison. And John Doerr, Vinod Khosla and T.J. Rogers. Oh - did I neglect to mention the granddaddy of them all, Bill Gates? Throw in the phantom, hyper-sycophant CEO of Nozpix.com and anyone else I left out in this circle jerk of Silicon Valley's corporate values driven "establishment" friends of outsourcing, hell-bent on ridding the country of educated white collar Americans. It is feared that the Cornyn-Shadegg "SKIL BILL" (co-authored by George Allen) which is a trojan horse crafted to unemploy American high technology professionals will be approved in the lame duck sessions.

Some scoundrels in Washington are plotting to dump foreign workers on the American tech labor market by flooding the labor pool with underpaid, dubiously "skilled" workers from India to take away our professional jobs and further drive down wages.

Watch Lou Dobbs http://www.forthecause.us/ftc-video-CNN-MoreCheapLabor_061110.wmv

The "Skill Bill", if passed, would result in American professionals destroyed by the Congress that is supposed to be protecting their constitutional liberty interest in working in their chosen profession. The "Skil Bill" and the outsourcing machine behind it (courtesy TechNet) ensures that THERE IS NO REQUIREMENT TO GIVE PREFERENCE TO EDUCATED, AMERICAN WHITE COLLAR PROFESSIONALS.

U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-8), last year announced introduction of H.R. 4378, the “Defend the American Dream Act of 2005" to address the flawed H-1B visa program.
Pascrell's reform act addresses the key problem with corporate America's lust for cheap foreign workers.
“In report after report, government investigators have found serious weaknesses and failings in the H-1B program,” IEEE-USA President Gerard A. Alphonse said. The program is used to "fill any job at almost any wage, and the vast majority of employers are not required to recruit American workers first." The IEEE-USA has applauded Rep. Pascrell for drafting a bill that seeks to reform the number one problem of the outsourcing movement: destroying the middle class. See


Read more Professor Norm Matloff http://heather.cs.ucdavis.edu/Archive/SKILAct.txt

Here's the Memo to Larry Ellison et al: Like the fast food junkies your companies have become, your hiring binges of plenty of cheap hardly skilled foreign workers bring comfort to you because there are so many of them and they cost so little. Like a fast food container brimming full of overcooked french fries, you prefer them to a smaller portion of high quality restaurant fries that cost more becauase you feel you are getting such a good deal when you get more of them... Instead, you are making your companies unhealthy with poor quality products and choking the middle class at the same time. Ready to clean up your corporate hiring practices diet and do something good for the heart of your companies and America yet?
There is a simple solution to this manufactued problem by Corporate America: HIRE AMERICANS FIRST, and forget about your bogus claims that educated Americans with advanced degrees from leading U.S. Universities are "unskilled." You unpatriotic traitors. Get your overpaid HR busybodies to form a line that places Americans in the front and THEN determine how many positions are actually left to be filled. You may have less fries, but the ones you will have will taste sooo good and more than satiate your quality production needs. Stop ordering the burnt fries just because you get more of them.

Kill the "Skil" Bill.


Anonymous said...

You are a legend now, Too Truthy, becasue most people don't know about this problem. I will watch you with great interst.

2Truthy said...

I am citing the need for REGULATION on labor/immigration as it negatively affects millions of our middle/upper/middle class professionals who, many among them with top university educations and advanced degrees have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars for their educations, only to be met by a bunch of Scrooges in the board rooms who tell them all to go to hell in favor of replacing them with cheap labor from abroad.