Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Floating Down the River Styx: More Prattle for the Plebes

-An Inconvenient Trip Down the River Styx-

Oh goody! A Lou Dobbs video (above) and maybe this time, America’s educated white collar plebes will finally stop getting their style cramped and their vibe chilled with the help of recent “The Uprising” book author David Sirota who used to talk about the Great Labor Shortage Lie and the Great Labor Shortage Myth to find out “who’s screwing who…” as healthcare, jobs and houses are being yanked away (surpise!!!) by a few elites from millions of America’s white collar middle class…

Let’s watch and see…

David Sirota appeared last week on Lou Dobbs Tonight along with authors David Cay Johnston and Paul Muolo who all delicately, and with gravitas politely discussed how this country is most seriously going to hell amidst the sub prime mortgage fiasco as Dobbs indirectly queried whether or not we are already rafting down the River Styx yet. Of course, no voices were raised and a good time was had by all -- but for what must surely be the overwhelmingly entertained viewing audience, many questions were once again, predictably left unanswered. Throughout the discussion, plenty of buzzwords like angry, lobbyists, energy, gas prices, mortgage crisis and anger, junk bonds, SEC and "the rich" flew freely but never once were any names named. But that's ok. It's not like this is Entertainment Tonight or anything, right?

In the above video, Sirota pays current affairs lip service to the Democratic presidential candidate Obama’s support of the Nazi – snoop inspired FISA bill since it is, after all, a “free” issue in that no money is changing hands or food is being taken from the mouths of babes. In this push to merge partisanship (read “funds and investment” into the inevitable bi-partisan, One Big Party of Money, most people on the Left still support Obama (Sirota had endorsed Obama) despite Obama’s obvious ties to the GOOGLE backed corporate trough to censor and police privacy. In other words, you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows to figure out that Obama is the corporate marketers dream product/candidate. Forget the Left’s blind allegiance…The question is, who’s pulling his strings?

Dare speak about the vast sums of loot that a cadre of Democratic (oh shudder) corporate and bipartisan political elites is hauling off with via legalized immigration policies that pool the wealth of immigration attorneys that corporate elites and a few politicians and lobbyists team up with to sell out American white collar jobs and guess what? Nada discussion. Zipski!!! Off the radar! Let’s talk instead about Iraq or Darfur or the moron George Bush -- anything but what is happening right here in our own towns in our own country affecting our daily lives. Or even better, let’s get more deep throated “analysis” from the groupthink addled sycophants in the blogosphere who consume such prattle with gusto.

These days, have the sins of omission been downgraded to “junk status” or is it just “unsexy” for the dying breed of journalists to name names in this elitist war on America’s Middle Class?

While listening to the self-described “progressive” David Sirota (who once upon a time had an incisive thing or two to say about the Great Labor Shortage Myth) speak about the Great White Entity known as “the government”, he does so without naming corporate names of individuals and their ties to the entrenched status quo who enable or schmooze with “government” figures/individuals who collude in the sell out of America’s educated middle class through increased LEGAL immigration during a time when there are not enough jobs for our own white collar citizens due to massive layoffs. I mean, what's in a name, anyway? When enough books get written about abstract issues and buzzwords, maybe in another 150 years, people might get a clue. In the meantime, party on, talk show hosts and book authors!

It's a wonder: What are the apathetic people of this country thinking when they read daily of the continuous purge of white collar jobs for educated middle class Americans as they are sold off to the third world? Is there something in the drinking water other than guano run off?

To be sure, the sub prime mortgage crisis has made its way into the “sexy issue” category just as “illegal” immigration has.

Before her untimely death, legendary Texan journalist with a pair, Molly Ivins said this of David Sirota:

"Sirota is a new-generation populist who instinctively understands that the only real questions are "Who's getting screwed" and "Who's doing the screwing."

Let’s face it: No “uprising” is going down anywhere, anytime soon unless the plebes know who exactly is doing the screwing (I bet they don’t bank at IndyMac, either.) Unless we hear about who’s screwing who, isn’t this more empty, politico-speak bullshittainment as Hunter Thompson so notably summarized? Sorry, but yours truly learned nothing from this video other than a few guys want to sell a few books while gatekeeping their corporate masters who arm them with funds and public relations firms for just the right buzz. Swat!

The sins of omission: Watch Sirota deftly not say anything at all about the issue of corporate elites who are selling out white collar jobs to the third world via LEGALIZED immigration BY NOT MENTIONING IT where, in conjunction with disappearing healthcare access, disappearing housing, and disappearing jobs, does he once mention the war on the America’s educated middle class? That would be unsexy and what book deals/stock option tips would come of that? Does he or Dobbs, for that matter -- mention any of the corporate players like, for instance, the uber wealthy GOOGLE businessman Al Gore who schmooze with his presidential candidate pick, Gore/GOOGLE backed Senator “I LOVE OUTSOURCING” Obama. No matter. No one's really listening and besides, the green is good mantra is working out well these days for Al and his acolytes. Why, just the other day while wandering around in the the Home Depot of Foods, Whole Foods, pro-outsourcing Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth was laid out all over the place including at the check out stands. Hmph.

R.I.P. Democratic Party. When I want my car serviced, I call the dealer where I bought it. When I want to find out the best place to stay in Spain, I trust my friends for their advice based on experience. When my dog needs a good veterinarian, I rely on the best references available. And so it goes with our public servants, our politicians -- whom I vote into office: I trust that those persons possess the integrity and unmistakable dedication and intelligence to above all else represent my interests and not to personally profit by the $$$$ schmooze factor that the arrogant and hubris amongst the all but defunct Democratic Party are wont to do to sell out millions of Americans to the third world. Where there once were neighborhoods of people with conviction now stand bastions of “me-tooist” gated communities of mean-spirited, soulless shells of humans, locked and loaded with bunker mentalities and a mighty contempt for those who might be better and smarter or prettier… What a sham the greedy Democratic Party has willfully devolved into, tanking with it a few enterprising media voices who pander to the clueless plebes, however soulless the job. But with Lou Dobbs’ rare and diligent focus on the looting of the American white collar Middle Class, this video fails to offer any impetus for any uprising and is little more than public relations 101 “politics of big money” prattle with new faces pining for old places in this media enabling, One Big Money Party on their elititst snout fest at the trough.

So move along folks. There’s nothing to see here with this Lou Dobbs interview but more of the same old gatekeeping with a few public relations firms steering a few authors into all the wrong places for the plebes on this race to the bottom. Until then, as Porky Pig would say, "That's all, folks!"



Citizen Carrie said...

The Public to Big Business interests and Politicians: We're mad as hell and ... shoot, just give us more of the same.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for Ebay and Amazon to offer a TV show where all sellers of everything from books to toasters to prince albert in-a-can can sit down with the show host and give their thirty second elevator pitches. Hell, throw in the buyers, too. Bring on the cattle call.

It is a bleak statement of our society to see what's passing for news and commentary turn into a wasteful cross between (as stated) "Entertainment Tonight" and "What's My Line." You know that this media programming is only produced by and for a mutual admiration society of selected "talking heads" and "guests" to keep the dumb numb while they fleece the sheep.

Like I say to the people who work for me, don't just come to me with a problem, give me a solution. This writer offers nothing more than a "clinging to guns and religion" superiority attitude that neatly places himself above those lowly potential book consumers. I'm not buying any of it.

2Truthy said...

CC, Here we have an "MSM" guy like Dobbs featuring a few authors with otherwise well intentioned book titles written to spur "thought" but unfortunately, little else. People need to be told "who what when where and why" with a catastrophe in order to move off their couches, it seems.

"I say to the people who work for me, don't just come to me with a problem, give me a solution."

Anon, the above comment says it all and yes, political news has morphed into reality TV for the groupthinky. (It was better before teh internets, methinks, in this regard.)