Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How to Cheat America's White Collar Professionals out of Jobs


Politicians, corporate “leaders” and a bevy of lawyers are cleaning up like bandits as they collude against millions of educated American white collar professionals to replace educated Americans with cheap foreign labor. So far, there is no collective outcry from the public, in particular from the Democratic Party which is supposedly the party of the people. The explicit goal is “not to hire an American worker” as instructed in this C&G [Cohen & Grigsby] seminar.

During this election season, one would assume the Democrats would unite and “just say no” but so far, there is an odd silence. Both tech lobby backed leading candidates, Obama and McCain, have pledged to assist the support of this goal by raising or eliminating the H-1B visa cap.

Enter Brad Reese, who explores the Department of Labor’s audit on a law firm that has been linked to Cisco Systems in this NetworkWorld.com article entitled Cisco's immigration law firm audited for improper behavior by U.S. Department of Labor. Millions of white collar American jobs are increasingly being handed over to legal immigrants with questionable skills who will work for a fraction of the compensation. Now the nation’s largest immigration law firm, Fragomen - Del Rey - Bernsen & Loewy LLP is being audited by the Department of Labor for indications that it “improperly instructed its clients who filed permanent labor certification applications to contact their attorney BEFORE hiring apparently qualified U.S. workers.”

As white collar jobs continue to disappear due to legal immigration policies designed to eliminate educated Americans from professional positions in the tech, medical, financial and media industries, will the fired CEO of Hewlett Packard, Carly Fiorina’s ominous declaration that

“No American has a God-given right to a job”

be the final nail in the coffin for the American professional middle class or will the people of this country unite against this hostile takeover?

In this video Sue Kwon at the CBS affiliate in San Francisco describes what happened to unemployed programmer David Huber, who tells the viewing audience exactly what happened when he applied for a job at Cisco Systems. Here is Brad Reese’s account of what Huber experienced after responding to an ad in the Chicago Tribune for a position:

Dave Huber gave Brad Reese details on his adventure with Cisco and Fragomen, permitting him to share regarding speaking with [Fragomen's] employee here.

"If you recall, I saw the ad on Sunday, June 3, 2007.
On Monday morning, June 4, 2007, I called Cisco's HQ in San Jose and spoke with a random operator.
I confirmed that the person I was talking to was working at Cisco in San Jose.
I asked the operator something to the effect I was trying to contact a xxxxx.
The operator said xxxx didn't work at Cisco, but that there was a xxxx who worked at Fragomen.
I had never heard of Fragomen.
(And, of course, I didn't even know about the
C&G [Cohen & Grigsby] seminar.)
So I googled
Fragomen and found out it was an immigration law firm.
I'm getting more curious now, so I decided to contact the closest Fragomen office to San Jose.
This office happened to be in Santa Clara.
I called the
Santa Clara Fragomen office, and actually spoke with a xxxx.
I asked her about the ad I saw.
I confirmed through my brief conversation with her, that she was the xxxx in the Cisco ad.
At first, she seemed open, and somewhat willing to answer my questions about the ad.
After about 2-3 minutes, I heard a sense of nervousness in xxxx  voice, and she sort of ended the conversation by saying I should just respond to the ad.
My recollection of this was that I was even more perplexed, thinking that something just wasn't right: the newspaper ad; the immigration law firm referenced in ad.
Well, I think the mystery was solved for me when I saw that
C & G video.
After about almost a month (end of June), I decided, just for grins, to respond to the Cisco newspaper ad.
I sent my resume, via registered mail, to the Cisco address in the ad.
I did get an eventual response from Cisco, which I think was a result of this specific ad I responded to with registered mail.
An Indian contracting firm contacted me about a job at Cisco in San Jose, paying the princely sum of about $30 or $35/hour.
This compensation was/is a joke, needless to say."

David Huber is one of millions of educated American professionals who have all invested heavily in their educations to be passed over for more burnt fries. This is legal because?

If Cisco is only one of many large corporations with disproportionate numbers of low wage workers who immigrate here to “do the work that Americans won’t do”, how many more of them are there?

Hey America: Still buying that myth about a Great Labor Shortage?

As long as “new media” channels continue to succeed in getting the asleep at the wheel plebes to look the other way with wedge issues to distract them, this war on America’s middle class to create a nation of serfs is working out just fine.



Citizen Carrie said...

David Huber deserves the Pulitzer Prize, because few other journalists are doing his kind of investigative work.

What I can't figure out is, why are law firms so obvious about this? Can't the ads tell people to send their resumes to the actual companies, where an HR person can forward the resumes to the law firms once per day? The companies and law firms are so confident of what they're doing, they don't even bother to try to cover their tracks.

2Truthy said...

" why are law firms so obvious about this?"

That's what I thought, too. You'd think that the HR dept. of a company *might* want a daily tally on actual interest coming in from applicants prior to sending the resumes to the Darth law firms to be deep-sixed (if American).

Then again,if the ad told applicants to send their resumes directly to the actual companies, some 'green' HR worker might actually make a mistake and follow up or worse, FORGET to send the resumes onto said resume death camps oops law firms...

Cicero said...

Excellent blog. I did not know the cruel extent to which TPTB are killing off educated American citizens by this massive push to flood this country with cheap and mostly inept "skilled labor."

Heaven help us against these truly sadistic and murderous corporate subhumans buying off our government and literally stealing from the public trust.

San Leandro said...

Why are professional Americans so easy to steal from and loot? Why is this country letting frauds steal their jobs and why don't they stop this now?