Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Self-Absorbed Media Missing the Biggest Story of Our Time

- A Mel Toast Exclusive-
"Self-Absorbed Media Missing the Biggest Story of Our Time"
by Jonah Bloom

It’s not every day that you see an ad man ponder stupendously woeful market moves and deals made with the devil on top of Doubtsourcing, but yesterday one did. Jonah Bloom writes

“Sure, We Can Talk About Who Said What About Lipstick, but Now's a Good Time to Refocus the Conversation.”

Oh sure. We can blame our industry’s slide into dire oblivion on the hubris of this nation’s leading wheelers and dealers all we want, Jonah. But let’s fact it: in the end, it’s not the output from those ethically challenged, shiny, happy, bloody wankers down the Street that makes the cut, but the buzz, man. From anyone, anywhere. 21st Century Malaysian proof readers armed with laptops and English dictionaries who’ve never worked a day in advertising, granted -- poorly executed strategy but who’s to complain about refreshing, gratuitous insights into how raw creativity can land a campaign when the billing department continuously rewards the talent pool with free dinners at Spiaggia? (and I’m NOT talking the Café…)

About this Wall Street fizzle? I feel sorry for no one, with the possible exception of Rod, my broker, who is now packing for Paraguay and is forced to leave behind his longtime mistress in Accounting.

Don’t worry. Who Beat Coke is just a shot away from firing off a tagline about these shocking policies and traditions towards other people’s money (OPM) to put a stop to the weekly outpouring of mistakes from these groaning ghost riders. Yes, it will take fortitude and perhaps a new suit and a month’s worth of Econ 101 cramming and plenty of spit, but Jonah, never fear -- WE CAN DO THIS THING. (Did I leave out strict fraternization rules?) We may not own the agency, but we can, if only for a fleeting moment --- own the disgraceful message without ever having to buy the farm.


Mel Toast

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