Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tom Friedman's Neo-Frat Boy Hot, Smelly, Overcrowded World

Thou Smell of Mountain Goat
Henry –V
William Shakespeare

Why does billionaire, neo-liberal apologist Tom Friedman hate educated Americans?
And why would any self-respecting plebian blow one red cent on two of his despicable books about a hot, smelly and overcrowded, flat world when he also supported the Iraq war?

During this presidential election season when msm avoid discussing issues by instead expanding their bipartisan nostrils deeply into the candidates’ personal issues such as who their pastors are and what they shoot for dinner, this has nothing to do with the increasing millions of people in this country who are losing their jobs, homes, access to healthcare, constitutional protections and civil liberties.

Today, the tech lobby’s corporate propaganda tool extraordinaire, billionaire Tom Friedman, continues his role in the American white collar cleansing program in today’s article where he weighs in on the current financial meltdown, declaring that “the strong eating the weak” is “good” which is, of course, code for at least on one level -- for let them eat cake. It is no secret that Tom Freidman’s flat world ethics champions handing off every last American white collar job to third world workers to drive down wages here at home. With jobs and resources dwindling, when will Democrats finally demand a stop to importing more cheap labor when there are not enough white collar jobs for our own citizens?

In this article, Friedman doesn’t hold back his unconscionable disdain for the educated American white collar STEM professional, leaving little doubt that he and his inner circle cabal of elites are still popping champagne corks over their wild bubble success in ramming through the Great Labor Shortage Myth scam down the public’s collective throat. Since 1992, Friedman’s tech lobby pals have succeeded in kicking millions of the parents of our next generation of our “math geniuses” he derides to the curb by outsourcing/insourcing American jobs to cheap foreign workers. For people like Tom Friedman, there is no neighborhood here -- or at least not one that he would climb down from the mountain to associate with. True to this emerging, have-have-not society sociopathic, neo-frat boy/plantation master/feudal lord form, Friedman insults America’s “math geniuses” by suggesting that this current U.S. financial mess serves as a call for them to work in an engineering field that has been sold off to the third world, enabling plummeting wages here at home:

“Maybe then more of our next generation of math geniuses will think about going into engineering the next great global industry — energy technology — rather than engineering derivatives.”

How can American children who have witnessed the professional white collar cleansing of their STEM parents be induced into studying technology in college when their parents can no longer afford the tuitions after being replaced by third world workers whom the greedy Friedman so wildly supports?

This weeks excellent Wash Tech article entitled High Schools and IT Careers offers several accounts by American high school students all across the country on why the issue of “outsourcing, lack of loyalty in "employing local", and a saturated IT market are all at play as students share why they are choosing to pick or leave IT for good.”

In sum, Friedman is no “man of the people” but a grand provocateur of all things caste system and feudal lord. But the subliminal pitch of Friedman’s article is for government to “police” risk-taking to push for government to shift from oil subsidies to unproven, alternative energy technologies that one would bet he’s got a hefty stake in:

Government’s job is to “police that fine line between the necessary risk-taking that drives an innovation economy and crazy gambling with other people's savings in ways that threaten us all. We need to make sure that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas — and doesn't come to Main Street.” We need to get back to” investing in our future and not just betting on it.”
"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"? Give me a break...this is of course, also code for don't let the plebes know who we, the chosen ones, are all screwing and gluing to rearrange the chairs on this hot, smelly, and overcrowded Titanic while we ride on top like rajas on elephants in this race to the bottom.
Party on, plebes!


Citizen Carrie said...

I hovered over the link in your post to Friedman's column, but I couldn't bring myself to click on it. I've had enough bad news for a while. I need to re-energize myself and start anew. Thanks for having the intestinal fortitude to read and critique his column for us.

2Truthy said...

I don't blame you for steering clear of this blowhard;(

D.Graczda said...

It's very cynical, the way people toss around the term "middle class." While a middle class salary of $200 k is necessary to live a modest (non-wealthy) life in the sf bay area, that same amount would be of course considered "affluent" in rural PA. When you point out that Friedman is "no man of the people", don't forget that the new Democratic president has a blueprint to level what's left of the middle class, with the overwhelming support of "the people" or the swelling lower class. Those blue collar class workers who "cling to guns and religion" would love to see the same white collar workers that elites are threatened by equally booted down the pay chain. What a coup. Friedman and his sycophantic ilk (oh, these tech frat boys and their man crushes and ruling class bravado) will defend this pilfering. What I find "timely" is the death of investigative journalism and the outsourcing of newspaper coverage -- the American public now has to scrounge online for media "news" that outsourced workers from other countries deem "digital worthy"! The outsoucing/insourcing cheerleader to global elites, Friedman, writes of how this, as you say, hot, smelly and overcrowded world is one to be controlled and mastered by them and for them. A spreadsheet problem that can only be solved with more global elitist control of this country's Constitution and its subsidy handouts. Do the American people understand anything?