Saturday, June 13, 2009

Joe Biden: “Meet the Press” Middle Class Czar Exclusive Interview

Joe Biden: “Meet the Press” Middle Class Czar Exclusive Interview

Sshhh...It's a secret...but do you know what your middle class czar is doing?

Washington, DC – LWOH DC operative Tracy confirms that Middle Class Czar Joe Biden is scheduled to appear tomorrow, June 14, on NBC's Meet the Press to boost its sagging ratings since Tim Russert left this world (most notably during this time last year) and “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos has been kicking interviewee ass.

We don't know who MTP will have interview the Middle Class Czar, but the trillion dollar bailout question on everyone's mind is: What does a middle class czar do? We checked, and apparently, the answer is nada. That is, nothing that would make life better for American middle class citizens, that is, like saving E-Verify, which would be a good first place to start and like stopping the wholesale sell out of American jobs to India, Inc. As the Chicago Tribune's John Kass sums up in this excellent article, this issue is not about immigration but about American jobs. Back to the middle class czar...

Remember back in December, 2008 when Obama appointed the newly minted czar who said that he would

make sure working men and women are no longer being left behind.”

Hahaha! No one can accuse Joe Biden of not speaking in riddles!

He said he'd make sure “working” people wouldn't “get left behind” - like his insider pals in Congress and the India tech lobby because he knew that within less than a year, most Americans wouldn't be working anyway, hehe, since he and Hillary and a band of corporate thugs/lobbyists who hate educated white collar Americans are hellbent on selling out your jobs to cheap imported workers from India, Joe Plebe reader. Can a middle class czar actually make a difference?

Another great question for the MTP interviewer to ask Joe Biden, Middle Class Czar, is what will he do to protest the Indian offshoring/insourcing cabal at the Synergies Summit in Washington, DC this week (June 16-17)?


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Peter of Lone Tree said...

A buyer for ArcelorMittal?:
HENNEPIN — Russ Kingston has a plan for the shuttered ArcelorMittal steel plant in Hennepin.

There’s only one problem.

“We’re completely stalled and stopped,” he said. “They don’t want to sell the facility.”

Kingston was in Hennepin Thursday to meet with local politicians and ask for their help in making the sale happen.

When I helped build the mill and I-180 down to the front door of the place from 1966-68, it was known as Jones & Laughlin Steel. After hanging up my carpentry apron I worked in the offices of the mill. By the time I "retired" in 1986 it had been purchased by investment bankers and changed its name to LTV Steel. They "went bust" for the 2nd time in the mid-90s. Purchased some time ago by Mittal, it now seems destined to join so many other edifices as authentic American ruins.

From the link above: "CEO Lakshmi Mittal's family owned 88% of the company. Mittal Steel was based in Rotterdam but, managed from London by Mittal and his son Aditya. It was formed when Ispat International N.V. acquired LNM Holdings N.V. (both were already controlled by Lakshmi Mittal) and merged with International Steel Group Inc. (the remnants of Bethlehem Steel, Republic Steel and LTV Steel) in 2004. On 25 June 2006, Mittal Steel decided to merge with Arcelor, with the new company to be called Arcelor Mittal."
A conspiracy theorist might make the claim that they're not only stealing our jobs, but they're also stealing our facilities.