Monday, August 24, 2009

James Carville's New Book: 40 More Years "Come Hell aw Highwauta"

"Change Without Clues"
-Planet of the Oligarchs-

Here is James Carville's latest political manifesto released in May, 2009 entitled 40 More Years: How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation.
40 more years? Is that so?

Although his petty moves to discredit DNC chair Howard Dean were reprehensible, Carville provided plenty of campaign trail entertainment value for the Democrats as he and George Stephanopoulos delivered victory to Bill Clinton. In his latest book, Carville boldly claims that the GOP is toast.

But didn't Democrats vote for hope and change and for getting out of Iraq? Didn't Democrats vote against the Patriot Act, illegal wiretapping and other assorted privacy invasive, erosion of civil liberties abuses that were accelerated for eight years under the Bush Administration? And what about the legalized white collar jobs giveaway to imported third world citizens and the wholesale U.S. jobs sellout that has contributed to this tanked economy? Is THIS a sampling of what the next 40 years will look like?

Does the fiercely partisan Carville have any idea how close 2010 is? Harry Reid is on the ropes. Which will be the 'party of intolerance' next year?

And how's that pro- insurance industry health care 'debate' squaring up? (Looks like we've all been played by that.) Has Carville strolled down Main Street lately?

At this rate, the country does not need 40 more years of Democrats ruling anything. Since neither party of the One Oligarch represents the American people, we need to start electing strong, independent-minded citizens into public office from the bottom up – candidates who are independent of this failed two-party system who possess the integrity, conviction and strength of character to serve the people in our communities across the country. Cleaning up the Swamp of these star-power seeking, arrogance laced back-room dealers for personal profiteering between corporations, Wall Street, and those prostitutes in Congress is what we need over the next 40 years. That – and maybe a few books about the staggering greed and hubris that have taken over our government.


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