Friday, August 28, 2009

Chinese Pharmaceuticals Swamping Your Medicine Cabinet?

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Ever wonder why you can't turn on the tee-vee screen without being treated to an agonizing commercial about dreadful side effects from lipitor, viagra and other exotic elixirs to treat diseases contracted in the body's nether-regions of intimate space? Mysterious drugs whose impossible names you can't even pronounce because hey, some of them may even be in Chinese? Well that's because they are!

This latest report reveals that Chinese pharmaceuticals are the next wave of products destined to swamp our medicine cabinets tsunami style. Ohhhhh, this all so good for us, too, because it's cheaper to buy drugs that could kill you or to feed our pets deadly dog food that, yeah, even kills them.

But given the shoddy and lethal quality problems of imported defective products and drugs, this news ought to make readers feel a whole lot better about our government's “thought leaders” and advisors on the Obama team since all of that hope and change under Obama's latest sellout to the drug kingpins of Big Pharma has to benefit somebody, even if it's not the taxpayers who are footing the bill. We are, if nothing else – a nation of risk takers and good, God fearing Christians with free-market principles who have no compunction whatsoever in sacrificing the lives of our dogs and the health and safety of ourselves and our children to disembowel our economy and our bowels, PLUS give away our jobs. (Click to watch video Obama Sells Out to Pharmaceutical Companies.)
TradeReform explains:

“Chinese pharmaceutical companies are showing startling growth and increasing economies of scale, according to a report published by Peking University's Center for Pharmaceutical Economic Research, China’s top pharmaceutical industry magazine, and H&J Vanguard Consulting Co Ltd. Between February and July, the report surveyed 50 experts and analyzed 132 publicly traded Chinese pharmaceutical companies with annual sales exceeding RMB 100 million ($14.64 million) in 2008, Russia’s Interfax News Agency reports. Seven companies examined averaged 50 percent growth between 2006 and 2008 while over 80 percent of them recorded 20 percent average growth. The report said 11 Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturers had RMB 2 billion ($292.83 million) in sales revenue last year, and four reported revenue exceeding RMB 4 billion ($585.65 million).”

Last year, LWOH reported here that the FDA had announced the U.S. government was blocking imports of thirty drugs by an Indian drug manufacturer at two of its sites for “failure to correct significant problems” that could pose potential health threats to American residents. The report explained:

“India’s “giant” drug manufacturer Ranxbary Laboratories has failed to correct “significant manufacturing problems that could lead to allergic reactions or other problems.” No mention was made of which specific drugs were being blocked or what kind of “other problems” loom at large. The FDA is, however, allowing India’s Ranxbary Laboratories to “continue selling medicines made at any of its other factories.”

Splendid. Maybe we could start making some of these drugs here?

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