Friday, June 18, 2010

The Gay Swami's Happy Friday Hour with Paul McCartney!

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Happy Birthday Wishes to Sir Paul McCartney! Turn up the volume!!!

Welcome back to The Gay Swami Times. Click here for previous issues. Since we can no longer count on our New Jersey “web developer” Sanjay, to send us timely copy without holding it ransom, we're down to recycling images (such as the one above).

In our previous issue entitled MAN-CRUSHINOMICS 101: Keep Your Hands on Your Puts and Keep Your Man-Crush Closer, we examined the otherworldly field of MANCRUSHINOMICS where our nation's leading politicians and “thought leaders” plumb and thumb the depths of the highest rollers in the land who turn the otherwise scholarly field of economics UPSIDE DOWN. From the Beltway to the board room, these casino capital derivatives beasts have their fraternal fingers all over the place.  Omm...

Today, infinite lifetimes of celebratory congratulations go out to dreamy Sir Paul McCartney on the 68th anniversary of his birth in this current life.

Sir Paul is The Gay Swami's most favorite, hands-down Beatle! Sir Paul was in the news, most recently appearing at the White House to rock Barry and serenede Michelle (he sang “Michelle) while all HELL was (and still is) breaking loose in the Gulf of Mexico!

But don't worry, because many lifetimes of prayers are with swoony and heavenly Al Gore to be taking care of business to clean up the black hole in the Gulf.

In honor of celebrating Sir Paul's special day, click on the video above to hear The Gay Swami's most favorite “Paul song” with the Beatles, Fixing a Hole!

Happy Man-Crush Friday!


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