Friday, December 18, 2009

The Gay Swami's Happy Friday Poetry Hour: Copenhagen Lowdown

Copenhagen – New reports indicate that the Copenhagen Summit is cutting corners on climate change safeguards. While this shindig is arguably all about spreading the wealth around as in “trickling up”, read Al Gore's thoughtful, Yeatsy climate change poem here that defies the critics and explains its true mission. Then read The Gay Swami's “View from the Vassals” literary masterpiece below to help plug any leaky gaps.

The Gay Swami's Climate Change Poem

One fat January soon
A sinking Kingdom blows
And moons its limp people

Vapors spread as
Heat torches Hopenhagen's acid tongue
Far from the mouth of my hazy portfolio

Snow jobs crash the airwaves
Ice mother fuc*ers scramble
A stiff noodle comes quickly

Then Viagra is generic (NOT from Canada, but China)
Burning is replaced by the man crush (sigh)
For the skies open up my yearning bank account

Unknown creatures of fealty
Smother them MORE, no regrets
Parched myrmidons offer their gifts

Passion rocks BFFs in Bangalore
And New Jersey, too
Globalists! Well hung savior$

The hazy shepherd screams
"Your Gulfstream awaits you, dude"
Congress and Wall Street are our tools



2Truthy said...

Neptune's Wanker bites the dust
Concealing yet a hidden trust
Thrusting toward the Great Green Ghost
Fearing stealth coffers are but toast.

Vigorously guiding sleight of hand
O'er to Scando's distant land
Casino Craps this methane bill -
For US it is a bitter pill.

Harken Nates! Reveal your splendor
Whom shall prosper this rear-ender
Behind closed doors this Hangman's noose
Silence naysayers in the caboose.

Brabble onward, slack-jawed Scribe
Much Ado about crisis to imbibe
Now or never burning man roams
Deliver the Head of Bobba Fett to banking gnomes.

prezdumas said...

Gay Swami and 2truthy,

Your poignant poems are very dense.

I'll have to get out my dicktionary.

blinky said...

Snow jobs crash the airwaves
Ice mother fuc*ers scramble
A stiff noodle comes quickly

LOL, Gay Swami.That one really stood up!


Gay persecution and discrimination must end.

Ashburn, VA said...

Hi, I'm down here in ASSburn, VA and this is hilarious stuff!

I am as ASS and snoop for a living cuz I'm so stupid I'm a!