Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Obama and Geithner Entry Level Man-Crushinomics: The Gay Swami Times

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Obama and Geithner Entry Level Man-Crushinomics Exclusive: The Gay Swami Times

MAN-CRUSHINOMICS 101: Keep Your Hands on Your Puts and Keep Your Man-Crush Closer

Welcome back to The Gay Swami Times for our first-ever tutorial special MAN-CRUSHINOMICS 101: Keep Your Hands on Your Puts and Keep Your Man-Crush Closer issue where we investigate the sublime and sometimes plunging depths of the highest rollers in the land who have their manly fingers all over the place. Our exhilarating Man-Crushinomics journey takes us to the pulse of Washington and Wall Street's long-term capital portfolio lusting, pay-to-play casino derivatives beasts dripping in lifetimes of infinite pleasure trysts.  A mysterious inner-sanctum where technocratic man-crush e-dicts and rigged casino economics rule!  Click here for previous issues.

In this breathtaking special issue, our BROMANCE detector alert has been raised to an all-time high as new reports surface in the White House that Barack Obama and “embattled” Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner...they have a thing, goin' on...Cue up “Me and Mrs. Jones” and then sing “Me and His Cahones”!!!

Although no juicy specifics about the purported Barry on Timmy man-crush were uncovered, uber Brahman (note: to the ladies only) David “Axe” Axelrod revealed that Geithner's “looming large” persistent presence might have something to do with Timmy's mystical abilities at imposing pleasing, nocturnal “stabilization” and “stress tests” (sorry, no details yet available) that are reported to work very, very well:

Indeed, the president's support for his Treasury secretary has been unwavering. (Axelrod would laugh at rumors that Geithner was about to get the boot: "Don't these people realize they have a man-crush on each other?") And Obama's loyalty has been repaid with results. Geithner's stabilization plan is now widely regarded as having worked -- mainly thanks to the once-derided "stress tests" that he imposed on the banks, which showed the world that their circumstances weren't as dire as many feared and let them raise the requisite capital to get back on their feet.”

Yes, the magic of entry level MAN-CRUSHINOMICS is like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, and anything else from exotic, secret and taboo places! What results are these that are said to work? Although you can't see, taste or smell any of them (much less understand what the hell they are) SOMEBODY can...Ask TimBama.

In another exciting expose, we thank Cenk Uygur for his wonderfully manly exclusive video (above) further detailing Barry and Timmy's “peas in a pod” like attraction!



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