Sunday, December 3, 2006

Mary Matalin's Libby Defense Fund

Give to the Libby Defense Fund

In a recent HuffPo post, a letter to the public from Mary Matalin requesting funds to bail out Scooter Libby was posted (letter and complete thread below, which includes 3 separate comments on different pages from Yours truly...)

2Truthy had an important birthday celebration that day - her own -- to dash off to and declined to donate for reasons explained in the above thread. Although 2Truthy does her rank best to support worthy causes, what exactly does it take to open the golden ropes?

As described on the Libby Defense Fund website:

"Scooter Libby - White House adviser, mystery novelist, and neoconservative hack is one of the most traitorous men pulling the strings behind the scenes in the Bush administration. Libby, who's held more titles than a small town Library, served mostly, until his resignation, as vice presidential chief of staff. He's been called Dick Cheney's Dick Cheney - a strange little man managing just about every detail of Cheney's professional life and career since he was hired."

Mind you, the Bush Administration has performed extraordinarily well for those in the one percent income tax bracket, who have delighted in decreased personal and corporate taxes which, most assuredly, provide plenty of disposable income to make necessary 'home' beautification projects

imperative to keep up with the Jones'. Most notable is Ms. Matalin's gesture to solicit funds from the Plebes because giving to charity not only provides intangible gratification but it also offers a write off. The only problem here is, guilt by association. Perhaps it is time for Mary to find a pro-American cause celebre.

As the Libby Defense Fund solicits

"We hope you will join us in supporting this effort to Defend America from Scooter Libby, and we'll be adding more worthy causes to donate to in the days and weeks ahead."


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