Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Meet the New Social X-Ray: Same as the Old Social X-Ray
Arianna Huffington: Yodel-aye-hee-hoooo...There is no political issue quite so sexy as a starved middle class, as America's corporate welfare, cultural and tech elite swarm the annual summit for the year's most influential meet and greet, so will you put in a good word for the huddled, dwindling middle masses?
As the legions of swells blow through Switzerland this week at the annual ritual at Davos
to decide the fate of the damned middle class masses, feasting on wine, swiss cheese and chocolates, one can only guess what the mightly axis of evil, the lobby otherwise known as TechNet, in collusion with a few elitist media celebrities and beltway corporate welfare boosters have cooked up to further open up the gates for H1B's to rid upwardly mobile middle class Americans of white collar professional jobs.
Bill Greider offers some thoughts on a more promising newly elected democratic congress and how the debate in Congress can be jump started. As Senator Byron Dorgan says,
"At the moment, there's a great yawn about all this," he told me. "But one day when everything collapses, people will ask: Why didn't we do anything about this?"

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News Agent said...

There is a bit more push now from labor to figure out what is going on. The rich kids should have shared their wealth with the Western working classes through pay raises, but instead they leave us holding a bag as they move to hide behind communist China.

We have a difficult road before us in America and maybe through Europe as well. Tough times with very tough choices while the rich become richer with political power and wealth. The elite ask us to sacrifice without living with us and paying the price they ask of us. If they can't also sacrifice then they shouldn't be moving forward with globalization unless they want a justified knife in the back.