Friday, January 5, 2007


"I just bought myself a Saddam Hussein t-shirt.
It's a bit tight around the neck, but it hangs well." -2Truthy
It takes real genius to create a martyr out of Saddam Hussein. That the Butcher of Baghdad had his neck wrung for crimes against humanity and later elevated to martyr status is, well, a bit of a stretch...
Read More: Saddam Hussein: From Monster to Martyr, by Patrick Cockburn


Anonymous said...

(a commentary on Hussein Mubarak, gang leader of Egypt, who pontificates on the martyrdom of a murderer)

Martyr my ass.

Listen to this Egyptian ass hat we've propped up over there ever since Sadat was mercilessly gunned down. Why is it that the bad guys always become martyrs these days?

Christians thrown to the lions by Romans — now THOSE were martyrs, you depraved, goat-grabbing son of a thousand fathers!

For whom would Saddam Hussein ever be a martyr? For the same people who revere Stalin, Hitler, Bin Laden and Pol Pot.

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