Wednesday, January 24, 2007

SOTU: What Was Dick Cheney Laughing About?

"It Must Have Been A Gasser..."

LOL moment: We didn't tvio the SOTU address last night and yet, while watching it live, it was impossible to miss Dick Cheney, seated behind Bush, laughing -- a WHOLE LOT, and frequently -- to the point that the cameras became fixated on him and not the president, when Bush began to talk about "our gas" problems watch

Then, they framed an image of him that looked like, well, to be specific, a chubby infant passing too much gas. If anyone has not yet seen this footage, well, all I can say is it must have been a real gasser for all three of them to suffer through not only the speech but whatever Cheney was laughing about... But Nancy Pelosi, wearing a stylish, matching seafoam green jacket and tee and also seated behind Bush and next to Cheney, conducted herself (as always) with the utmost professionalism throughout the warmonger's one note speech: Iraq, Iraq, and then more Iraq.

How about global warming? Darfur? Stopping middle class eradication? But NOOOOOO. So the whole audience sat there like one big, soaked Christmas ham on a chafing dish, Hillary in pearls included -- and applauded in between nodding off. What a crowd, our representatives and Big Media. What a bunch. But at least Big Media caught it on camera.

Not too much Axis of Evil this time, which was refreshing. Besides, the whole world now knows that the Axis of Evil is headed by Bush & Co. and supporters, as they plunder the world in their quest for war machine profits.

We actually think the yuks were due to an earphone, that he was listening to O'Reilly or his stock broker but in any event, the leader of the free world was shamed by his vice president - and vice versa -- not that either of them would know the difference...and the tragedy to this comedic scene is that we their victims.

Thanks a lot, Red America, for voting in these thugs. Think you can get it straight in 2008?


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