Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Frosty Equates Al Gore With Condoms: An Inconvenient Meltdown

"My Name Is Frosty and I Don't Believe In Global Warming"
-Frosty Hardison

The suburban Seattle Federal Way School District this week declared a moratorium on Al Gore's critically acclaimed "An Inconvenient Truth", after an anti-sex education and pro-creationism parent complained about the film.

Frosty Hardison, a Federal Way, WA parent of seven kids in the local public school district, proclaimed this week that "Condoms don't belong in school, and neither does Al Gore. He's not a schoolteacher." Hmm. Ok, so Al's no schoolteacher. So far, Frosty has done his homework. But then, the fact checking begins to go south.

2Truthy did not make this up. Read more

Then Frosty continued to splain that, since he believes that the earth is 14,000 years old, "The information that's being presented is a very cockeyed view of what the truth is. ... The Bible says that in the end times everything will burn up, but that perspective isn't in the DVD."

No doubt about it. Gore's intelligent film exposes the big picture dangers of global warming and it is up to all of us as a global community to respond NOW these man made threats on our global environment

With more parents like Frosty, all I can say is " Break out your shovels, folks. It's going to be a bumpy plight."

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