Friday, September 7, 2007

2Truthy's Happy Friday Featured Guest...Who Would You Rather Have a Beer With?

Ron "Tater Salad" White

The Labor Day "barbecue" (a sit-down, outdoor dinner here in the hills where over two hundred people feasted on ginger-stuffed quail and frolicked around the Disneyland-motiffed grounds that circle the pristine, gymnasium sized swimming pool ) I went to last weekend was hosted by friends whose recently divorced, thirty-something sister-in-law, Saffie Drinkwater, flew in from the East Coast.

Saffie was seated next to me and, as the conversation turned to politics, she started telling me that she was "very excited" about Fred Thompson hopping on the bus and then she asked me "Who would YOU rather have a beer with? Mitt Romney or Fred Thompson?"

Hmmmmmmmmm.....I thought about it (was leaning towards the Fred-head).

That's when I asked Saffie "Who would YOU rather have a beer with? Stephen Colbert or Ron 'Tater Salad'White?" Then I told her I would be SO conflicted that I would have to just tivo them both but she said with extreme conviction: "I would NEVER have a beer with that bum (Tater Salad.)"

So Happy Friday! Let's raise our beer mugs to Saffie and toast Ron Tater Salad White!



Anonymous said...

do I really have to choose?

2Truthy said...

anonymous, I know. Decisions, decisions...I think Tater Salad.

Colbert seems more like the Veuve Clicqot type.