Friday, September 21, 2007

General McCarthy “My lips Move With Bush” Petraeus

General McCarthy “My lips Move With Bush” Petraeus
-Very special thanks to the late, great Louis Armstrong-

Make no mistake: General David H. Petraeus is to George Bush what Charlie McCarthy was to Edgar Bergen.

The recent faux indignation hurled at for their now infamous GENERAL PETRAEUS OR GENERAL BETRAY US? ad against the War in Iraq

is the latest in the Bush administration’s pull-out-all-the-stops against the Democrats and censure MoveOn

For a five-star General who has been touted as a nice guy (as “nice” I suppose, as one whose occupation involves killing people), Petraeus unarguably is serving this administration as the ventriloquist George W. Bush’s puppet. This false outrage is the same old rehashed, conservative stew served up to the plebes alongside a tainted salad of eroded civil liberties, unprecedented levels of social and economic inequality and injustice, and international wars against humanity waged by a secretive executive branch fanned by the private sector and fought for by a permanent, unwitting underclass. No wonder Bush wants amnesty for tens of millions of illegal immigrants…

This faux indignation knows no bounds as the collective American sleepwalking, citizen/consumer zeitgeist continues its nap while the media elite cook up these faux narratives that perpetuate the spawning of more corporate and military industrialist complex elite profiteering.

Petraeus? Bush? Not unlike McCarthy and Bergen -- two heads, one made out of wood and the other, er, also made out of wood. Same message.

“I’ll get more lovin’ from that old dumb, dumb, dummy, than I ever got from you…”
-Louis Armstrong



Citizen Carrie said...

My son's classroom assignment was to write a short paper about a current item in the news pertaining to one of our core democratic values. We scanned some online headlines, and you should have seen my eyes light up when I saw the story about "General Betray Us". "Aha! Freedom of Expression."

2Truthy said...

"Freedom of Expression" indeed.
Your son has a lot to chew on!

Check out Sirota's piece on how Rudy wants to make it illegal to to express that freedom here