Monday, September 10, 2007

Petraeus: "You'll Never Make Westmoreland Out of Me"

General Petraeus in Planet Of The Apes: The Senate Testimony Musical
Help! the General is trying to invade us
"Get your paws off me you diry old Congress!"
He can talk! he can talk! he can talk! he can talk
Hey Petraeus Hey Petraeus
Can I do the surge a little more?
Well of course you can!
Well I couldn't before!

I hate every Senator I see
From Mike Crapo to Pat Leahy
Oh, you'll never make Westmoreland out of me
Oh no! I was wrong. It was a civil war all along
Guess you've finally made Westmoreland out of me!

I LOVE YOU! Hey Petraeus Hey Petraeus

I think you have WMDs
And I think you're Al Quaeda, too!
I think you have WMD's
And I think you're Al Quaeda, too!
You're also lazy.


spacecowgirl said...

LOL!Clever salute to the General holding all the cards.(This is my favorite Simpson's episode right before Phil Hartman died.)

frenchy said...

Blood (bath) brothers?

A shared penchant for prolonging warrantless wars? Petraeus and Westmoreland both wore baseball caps, too.

2Truthy said...

Hey! Seems this guy never gets a break..............

Anonymous said...

hillary can't make up her mind whether to condemn or support over that ad.