Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ron Paul

Dr. Congressman Republican Libertarian Presidential Candidate Ron Paul is a Mixed Bag

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There's Something About Ron Paul. 

 It seems Ron Paul is the GOP presidential gash with panache candidate who has a certain je ne sais pas…

He's a Libertarian Republican...a mixed bag! He is a physician, a man who appears to be of integrity. He is a persistent defender of the Constitution and champion of civil liberties. All good, all good. 

But what are his specific positions on American job outsourcing/insourcing, restoring high paying jobs to educated Americans who have watched them be sold to cheap imported, dubiously "skilled" foreign workers? Or strengthening public education, food and drug safety and raising the minimum wage?  ABC reports:

"Under a Paul presidency the departments of Energy, Education, Housing and Urban Development, Commerce and Interior would cease to exist. Their elimination would slice about $179 billion from the federal budget and cut about 134,000 federal jobs.

Paul said his plan would not lay people off, but would transfer them to other departments until they retire.

Paul would slash funding for the remaining departments, including a 40 percent cut for the Food and Drug Administration and a 30 percent budget reduction for the EPA. The Department of Defense would see $832 billion disappear from its budget during Paul’s first term in office, most of which would stem from Paul’s plan to end all foreign wars and foreign aid."

Read how the military supports anti-war candidate Ron Paul in this exclusive from Wonkette. Then, read about how the "Christian Biblical Wingnuts" absolutely love him and much, much more.

And check out just how much Ron Paul wants to really, really sell out our jobs in this article entitled Ron Paul is NOT the Answer, posted at Bob Oak’s excellent blog



Citizen Carrie said...

When I followed the links and read some of the Ron Paul interviews, my first thought was that one of his enemies was making all of this up. I mean, did he really say, "I think the problem you identify is occurring because we don’t have a healthy free market economy and we reward people for not getting training and becoming the type of individual who might get a job in a software company"?

That Paultard comment is even scarier than the "Bible is infallible" drivel.

2Truthy said...

Paul and the rest of the Dem Big "3" candidates know that the tech lobby hates our educated middle class and they are A-Ok with that.

In the meantime, I keep getting letters from Hillary and Bill Clinton about how wonderful Hillary is because she loves "the poor."