Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Bill Gates Can't Get Enough Burnt Fries: McKennedy Bill Will Destroy Our McJobs

Senators John McCain and Ted Kennedy, respectively
Memo to Bill Gates et al: Like the fast food junkies your companies have become, your hiring binges of plenty of cheap, dubiously skilled foreign workers bring comfort to you because there are so many of them and they cost so little! Like a fast food container brimming full of cheap, overcooked french fries, you prefer them to a smaller portion of high quality restaurant fries that cost more because you feel you are getting such a good deal when you get more of them... Instead, you are making your companies unhealthy with poor quality products and choking the middle class at the same time. Ready to clean up your corporate hiring practices diet and do something good for the heart of your companies and America yet?
Bill Gates went through the motions today before the Senate, "asking" for an unlimited number of H1B visas in Washington DC today in a closed door session. Ted Kennedy, chair of the committee, apparently wasn't interested in hearing from anyone else so nobody else was invited besides Gates and his senatorial groupies. Sen. Orrin Hatch wasted no time getting on his knees
when addressing Gates:
"You've done so much with your wealth that is so good for mankind that I don't think anyone should fail to recognize that," Hatch said, adding: "I usually don't lavish praise on anyone, but I think you deserve it."
Gates suggested that there should be an "infinite" number of H-1B visas. As the last commentary included in this newsletter points out, while Bill Gates does everything possible to crush Microsoft's competition he thinks American workers should be forced to "compete" with cheap labor from abroad. When asked by Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) how many visas Congress should approve, Gates repeated a suggestion he made years ago: that there should be an "infinite" number. "Even though it might not be realistic," he said, "I don't think there should be any limit." Sen. Gregg wasn't willing to grant Gates a blank check, but what he put on the table must have brought joy to every greedy fiber in Bill Gates' body. Senator Judd Gregg, a New Hampshire Republican, said he agreed that Congress needed to raise the H-1B cap. He asked if an annual cap of 300,000 would be appropriate. "It'd be a fantastic improvement," Gates said. "My basic view is we should welcome as many of 'these people' as we can get."
Some Senators visibly wanted to avoid blaming H-1B for job losses. Sherrod Brown, an Ohio Democrat, and Senator Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent, blamed outsourcing for the loss of jobs. They didn't even mention H-1B role in the job destruction! How convenient! Pay close attention to the way Brown dodges the issue: "Time and time again, local businesses told me that they just could not find the engineers or the computer scientists they needed to run their businesses," he said. "At the same time, skilled workers in my state are watching their jobs move overseas, not because foreign workers are more qualified, but because U.S. companies can get away with paying poverty wages to workers in other countries."
Say "NO" to the Mc Cain-Kennedy immigration bill.
-2Truthy U.S. risks losing technology leadership role calls for 'infinite' H-1Bs, better schools Tech needs more immigrant visas


Jersey Cynic said...

My DEAREST 2Truthy!!! What a fantastic post!! My "D - E - N - I - A - L" post over at Blondesense ended with my visit to huffpo's recent post on Mr. Gates. I must start a new one with your post as a lead in. OooooNooo! Mr. Bill is sure getting a beating over thar - eh??

janarno said...

The reference to burnt fries is perfect. What a great description.
My brother has an MS Computer Science from Cornell and he lost his job at a small software company where he was replaced by 2 other programmers (much younger than him and without the same experience. They made him train them both and then they fired him.
He has had interviews but the companies want to pay him much less than he was making. Since he has two kids and a mortgage, he won't be able to own his house and will have to move out of the area, maybe not even finding another job in computing and to earn much less.

jacknicholson said...

Bill Gates can kiss my aaaass.

Anonymous said...

Bill Gates is a corporate globalist (a socialist with a greedy perspective) that seeks a world monopoly instead of just something as small as a nation/state like the United States. It makes perfect sense to Gates to bring in H1-B's and offshore work in the name of world economic equality and diversity while getting the added backdoor benefit of a global syndicate.
You can see in his actions his lack of concern for American workers. Example: the Gates Foundation ban on middle class kids getting a scholarship or other material help through his "charities".Bend over and get ready to take another hit on your Amercan way of life.

Anonymous said...

Will Sydney do the needful OR do the right thing and employ their own?