Friday, March 20, 2009

2Truthy's Outrageous Happy Friday with The Grateful Dead

(Special thanks to The Grateful Dead)

2Truthy’s Weekly Round-up

Prayers and heartfelt sorrow for the family of Natasha Richardson, whose sudden death this week due to a tragic ski accident leaves her many loving friends and family, including her two dear, young sons and husband Liam Neeson to mourn and remember her life, her work and life together.

The Week of Outrageously Righteous and Fake Outrage, All Around!

As LWOH has reported, the outrage over the AIG Bonus Scandal blanketed the news cycle this week and ushered in cries of outrage, faux and not-so-faux alike. Below are a few of this week’s highlights that offered - if nothing more – an entertainment-worthy perspective on the current state of the nation’s political zeitgeist.

***When all the outrage is extinguished and the smoke finally clears, let’s say in less than four more years – One World Bankers, a few corporate overlords and enterprising politicians will have successfully looted America’s white collar middle class. For all of the political, bipartisan outrage against Wall Street bankstas and Obama’s economic team spreading like wildfire this week, the only article that peeked behind the curtain was written by Paul Craig Roberts, who dared to ask this week Was the Bailout Itself a Scam?

***The amazing Paul Hipp rocks out the AIG bonus/banksta scandal here with this brilliant performance. More Paul Hipp!

***Cries of AIG bonus scandal outrage from David Sirota included the demand for Timothy Geithner’s resignation. Fair enough. But will making a token sacrificial lamb out of the head of Mr. Geithner really stop the war on America’s middle class? As I have said before, "IT'S NOT THE ECONOMY, STUPID. IT'S YOUR JOB!" Imagine what the media could do to reinforce the notion that if the nation is going to have a Depression, let's demand our jobs stop being outsourced and insourced! (This jostling and jeering over these bankstas like a distracted Roman populace at the Coliseum is only half of it; it needs to be focused on the corporate greedsters killing white collar jobs for Americans.) Back to Geithner: would cutting off the head of this snake stop the whole den of investment banker vipers from killing off America’s white collar middle class? Rob Oak at The Economic Populist explains:

“While I am thrilled there is increasing focus on derivatives, structured finance, I'm not so sure focusing in on individuals will get to the bottom of this Ponzi scheme. We have structured financial products all over, everyone was in on this game, not just AIG.”

***Sarah Palin shocked over Obama’s “degrading” Special Oympics bowling joke on his Jay Leno appearance. Not so fast…Yours truly watched Obie on Leno and it was funny, albeit in a not-so-politically-correct kind of way and yes, I laughed, -- as did many (I think I’m sure) of others who may not perhaps ever be accused of being afflicted with a profound sense of arrested development when it comes to humor. It was an innocent moment where Obie disparaged his own (not someone else’s) humble bowling skills and not any handicapped individual. Sure, it’s debatable as to whether the Special Olympics organization (defined as a group of handicapped people) should take mighty offense, but isn’t that a bit like saying you can’t make fun of native Detroiter, Madonna, when she slings around that dreadfully fake British accent? Come on. I’d even go so far as to say that this misplaced outrage over Obie’s innocent bowling alley skills faux-pas was just as ridiculous as
***Ben Bernanke on 60 Minutes using the false analogy of this nation’s tanked economy to “a house burning down” – which leaves me to part with this Mary Jane Joke:

Mary Jane burnt down the barn one day, and her mother said "Mary Jane! You're in big trouble when your father gets home!"
And Mary Jane just laughed and laughed, because she knew her father was in that barn.

Oh, the outrage!

Happy Friday, Loserettes!



Tunnel Rat said...

Please join us at ProAmericanWorker on Ning. It is by invite only. You know how to get hold of me.

- TR

2Truthy said...

Thanks, TR, will check it out!

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Targeting Banksters?:
Viral violence incoming. As this NYTimes article points out, the public is actively targeting AIG execs. Death threats have resulted in armed guards posted at the company's offices and at executive mansions.
More at the link from "Global Guerillas."