Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CNBC Spins Anti-American Worker Sentiment, Spreads Fear Mongering

"The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations, New York City) is the American Branch of a society which originated in England and believes national directives should be obliterated and one-world rule established. I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years, and was permitted in the early 1960's to examine its papers and secret records... I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known."
-Dr. Carroll Quigley, Professor of International Relations, Georgetown University Foreign Service School, Washington, D.C., author of the epic "Tragedy & Hope", advocate of one-world government and personal mentor of President William Clinton who acknowledged Professor Quigley during his 1992 presidential inauguration speech.

American Masochists, Morons and the Mean-Spirited Media

When will Obama reverse his campaign pledge to sell out what’s left of American white collar jobs? America Loses 23,000 Jobs Every Day and no, this is not something that will be corrected or stopped by a G20 summit nor some Brookings Institution’s expert analysis on what has in fact turned out to be the glorious failure of global outsourcing/insourcing and “free-trade” policies for American white collar workers.
But even the current job-loss figures mask the degree of pain among American workers. A broader measure, which includes people who want a job and have given up looking and those working part time but who want full-time work, rose nearly one percentage point, to 14.8 percent.

"I think what it shows is neither the government nor many economists have a grasp yet of how bad the economy really is right now," said Bernard Baumohl, chief global economist at the Economic Outlook Group. "We can't get our arms around what's going on."

Will the so-called “progressives”, pseudo-patriotic hillbillies and elitist wannabes in this country finally remove the KICK ME PLEASE sign from their backs and stand up to our corrupt government officials and greedy corporate “thought leaders” who are profiting by outsourcing/insourcing American jobs? What part of duped by elitist fratboys do these people not get? As corporate America slashes American workers in exchange for cheap foreign labor, people of other countries taking our jobs and watching American earnings drop are thrilled to pieces and LOL’ing over the idiotic U.S. population who approves handing over jobs to the third world by“sacrificing” their own jobs and the economy. Oh, the masochism. If it weren’t so tragically hip to hate thy neighbor as thyself, maybe the supposedly slightly smarter party, the Democrats, might start trying to fix this problem instead of being part of it.

Rob Oak at NoSlaves.com explains in this excellent post entitled When Up Against the Wall on Facts….Play the Race Card the fundamental divide between a mean-spirited and/or misinformed U.S. population which supports the inhumane practice by the U.S. to import cheap, global labor who then proceed to “play the race card” in an attempt to advance “immigration” exploitation policies. Is this segment of the population merely misinformed or are they delighted to watch Americans (and even themselves) be permanently pink-slipped by cheap foreign labor?

Oak describes how exploitative H-1B visa and labor arbitrage practices are separate from immigration “of any kind” and how they are destroying American lives and our economy “when new workers are not hired in addition to” (based upon true need) “but in place of American citizens.” Also included in the post is a CNBC video of Vivek Wadwha and Ron Hira, debating the Grassley-Sanders amendment. Wadwha “literally comes on this segment, with incredible fear mongering, mis-categorizes temporary foreign guest worker Visas as immigrants and also implies all of America are a bunch of xenophobes” if they don’t want to lose their jobs!

“CNBC is actively trying to promote people as something to trade, as if global labor arbitrage is OK. No, it’s not a good thing, even for a national economy. CNBC spins putting U.S. workers first for jobs in their own country is un-American (putting your own countrymen first is un-American?). CNBC completely misstates Senator Grassley by claiming he demands foreign born workers should be fired first. That is not what Sen. Grassley is saying! He is referring to temporary guest workers, these are H-1B and L-1 guest workers which is not the “foreign born”. CNBC get your facts straight and stop the fear mongering! Putting a national workforce first in it’s own domestic economy is a national principle that should not even be debated. Putting U.S. citizens as first in line for jobs in their own country is critical to stop the displacement of U.S. workers with cheaper foreign labor. I believe the world decided trading people was morally wrong a long time ago. Displacing U.S. workers for cheaper labor, facilitating age discrimination, encouraging offshore outsourcing of U.S.”

People in Europe are asking themselves why some Americans would ever support this sell out of American white collar jobs. What the hell are American “progressive” talking heads (like this anti-American worker agenda driven lot on the CNBC video) and “new media” wannabes’ subscribers doing for work or eating or smoking these days? It seems the Left, by spreading the fear mongering meme of “racism” against any citizens who want jobs is pining to one-up the mindless blowhards on the Right to take home the fear mongering Oscar. This is nuts. Why does the Left support such masochism? What are TV and the vaunted, viral “New Media” spreaders getting out of supporting the white collar job sell of America’s middle class jobs?

And, calling all TV liberals like Jon Stewart and the undisputed, all-time king of news haha, Stephen Colbert…the two who, hands down, do the funny best: but what have these two done at all to highlight the sheer delight from the Left of this wholesale sell out of white collar American jobs to the third world? So far, they both have steered clear of doing what they both do best, which would be, in this case, to ridicule and expose the actual corporate hustlers and politicians who are kicking the American white collar middle class to the curb. They know who the pro-have/have-not, elitist corporate overlord class and the beltway are. But, as Colbert said a while back, “Sumner Redstone signs my paycheck.” For all of Obama’s talk of policies to create new jobs, albeit shovel ready -- who are these new jobs his policies are supposed to be created for?

If political “change we can use” comes from the bottom up, even the Left (whether driven by masochistic impulse or moronic, mean-spirited motivations) has no shortage of bottom feeders on deck to support these neo-fascists. But for this country’s One Big Money Party of L/R media whores, their paymasters and the idiots who subscribe to them, the National Kool-Aid Party has only just begun!

As the infamous, fabulously wealthy corporate criminal, Martha Stewart would say, “it’s a good thing.”

Party on, plebes!



Citizen Carrie said...

I walked past a TV at a relative's house recently and heard a couple of talking heads (it was either CNBC or MSNBC) chirping about "innovating" our way out of the economic doldrums. Do you get the idea that when our business leaders talk about the need to "innovate", that means they're also frickin' clueless about what needs to be done?

2Truthy said...

CC, Speaking of 'innovation' -- how's all that Fisker development/jobs thing shaping up out there? (From the same boys that brung us Google, too; the hubris disease is no longer contained on the West coast...)
I suppose that one country could do worse than innovate lousy customer service and all of those exotic financial instruments and derivative beasts... while this smarmy googley insider cult (and I do mean 'cult') of beltway crooks and "thought leaders" loots the educated American middle class.

What most people don't get is that the same guys who are running this president's Economic Advisory Board are the same ones responsible for 'innovating' the tech companies that have innovated jack shit.

How coincidental that since the early nineties when the H-1B floodgates opened up, the quality of goods and services plummeted while the profit margins for those at the top in the technology, medical, and financial sectors which deployed them soared.

In the tech sector, that money had to be 'sacrificed' by American educated middle class workers to trickle up to the asshats at the top, whose only claim to 'innovation' was their DC lobbyist(s)and blow connections.

Now, aside from my non-hubris diseased friends at Apple, what exactly were Gates and ilk 'innovating' for the past twenty years? Green stuff for their portfolios, and snoop technology to monitor the health of the plebian demise.

Citizen Carrie said...

Funny thing about Fisker jobs in Detroit. The last time I looked at their Careers' page several months ago, it looked like they were hiring people to spend short stints in Detroit then head back to California permanently. I couldn't figure out if they were looking for California workers to spend a short time in Detroit before heading back home, or if they were looking for Detroit workers to eventually re-locate to California.

I just went to the Fisker website a few minutes ago and couldn't even find their Careers page. I went to an old link that I had put in a blog post, and, sure enough, it's a broken link. Heck, with this great worker shortage we're experiencing, you'd think they'd always be on the lookout for more resumes in case one of their staffers quit!

2Truthy said...

Ah, the missing links...You mean all that pent-up demand for the pricey little Karma isn't kicking off a jobs revolution yet during this Depression;)?

Wasn't the intention of the well-financially backed Fisker (you know the ones - and hey, that crew is also part of Obie's Economic Advisory board, so the sky's got to be the limit on Fisker's line of credit) plan to set up shop in Detroit in order to "partner" with GM and to "tap the Motor City's automotive engineering braintrust" and finally, to "exploit the cheaper labor" market in Detroit?

Or are they just slathering sunscreen all over each other's backsides poolside in Irvine, skulking around occasionally to Detroit and waiting until GM hits bottom and flails around like a choking carp to suck up all those nasty union people for a song?

They could even get a five finger discount on those pesky parts they agreed to buy from GM that runs their pricey pooftermobile (EREV engine for the Karma, that operates just like GM's Volt.)

The Gay Swami said...

After hearing that the 2010 Fisker Karma is the official car of towel snappers, I have ordered one, too, just like Al Gore.

Vroom Vroom!