Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The French Are Revolting and So Are Americans, If They Won't Be, Too!


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I really do hope you all enjoy the above scene from one of my most favorite movies!

Two very shocking stories appeared today regarding more fat and nasty corporate overlords feasting at the trough as they slash jobs from citizens, er, make that peasants --- who are now, yes, revolting. It’s all the rage, of course, for U.S. politicians to personally profit by selling out the lives of America’s educated middle class professionals as 2Truthy already reported here How Our Politicians Buy Foreign “Friends” to Sack American Workers.

The first story today involves Patrick Thibodeau’s report in this Computerworld article that IBM “may be getting set to make its largest single workforce reduction thus far this year” and hand over 4,000 U.S. jobs to India. Other estimates mark the number of American jobs lost in this reduction to India at 5,000. But what I don't understand is why an already fat boss from IBM would ever want to take jobs away from his neighbors who need them, so first I called up Mel to ask him and he said:

"Quincy, they're not like you and me. They would rather watch American corpses pile up in the streets than SACRIFICE (Mel said to put the word "sacrifice" in caps so I did) their Hawaiian hookers."

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I fall asleep every night and never forget to thank The Hog on High for my wonderful adopted family here at 2Truthy’s place. I never have to worry about where my next feed will come from or if the swimming pool will be filthy – not that I care if it’s filthy, since I grew up in a Pig Sty and our differences about cleanliness can tend to vary.

Anyway, in another story today, the French sure know how to grab headlines, leaving their U.S. counterparts to rotate on a spit when it comes to battling against the mean corporate windbags to demand their jobs back. In exciting news from the City of Lights, a group of unidentified, extremely polite French workers burned a whole bunch of tires and then marched on the presidential palace where that short guy lives with Mick Jagger’s old squeeze and held a manager of U.S. manufacturer 3M hostage Wednesday as anger mounted over job cuts and executive bonuses!

I guess this is what is meant when they say the French are “stuck up”… only for all the bravado affixed to the U.S. tough guy stereotype, American workers couldn’t shoot the basement worm with a Grizzley 50 Big Boar if they even tried…

But thousands of miles away, as detained hostage 3M manager Luc Rousselet endured the second day of captivity at a plant in Pithiviers, south of Paris, the considerate, kind and civilized French mob made sure that the 3M manager was treated like a prince. Rousselet assured an AP reporter "everything's fine" and that workers planned to bring him “mussels and French fries” for dinner - sans the requested french bread, brie and a couple of bottles of Vintage 1985 Chateau Margeaux -- but hey, not bad for hostage dining.

So then the really, really angry French decided to march over to the presidential palace and a light up a huge bonfire of tires because a German auto parts factory in Clairoix, northeast of Paris, plans to totally shut down in 2010, which might explain where the angry French mobs got the idea to burn tires for their protest.

And other people in Europe, too, are starting to get pissed off at these big, fat windbags so make sure to read the WHOLE article, everybody!

Vive le France!



Citizen Carrie said...

Thanks for linking to Thibodeau's article. I've been on the verge of checking out the IBM story for the last few hours but always got sidetracked.

Speaking of Thibodeau, what would we do without him? Whenever I try to find the "best" article to link to about a particular news story, I always stop hunting when I find a Thibodeau post. I automatically link to him just about every time.

I wonder if the IBM layoffs will be the turning point as far as American workers sharpening up their pitchforks?

2Truthy said...

I know. And if Thibodeau can report on this war on America's white collar middle class, why can't the rest of them?

You ask a good question, which makes me wonder how the French are different in this regard and don't seem to have the same problem with "identification with the aggressor" as American workers appear to have. Is it our anti-individual, GroupThinky media? Is it the drugs in the water and the fish we eat? At what point do Americans stop allowing their tax dollars for our sick politicians to give U.S. jobs away to some country zillions of miles away?

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Global Guerillas:
:..viral violence targeting the barons of global finance was likely incoming (but that it wasn't here yet). Here's a small addition to that trend line (that builds on the thousands of death threats that have been received). In the UK, vandals hit the home of the former CEO of the Royal Bank of Scotland, 'Sir' Fred Goodwin (he and his family have already fled the country). Windows on the ground floor of the home and his Mercedes S600 were smashed. E-mails from a group claiming the attacks said,
"We are angry that rich people, like him, are paying themselves a huge amount of money, and living in luxury, while ordinary people are made unemployed, destitute and homeless. This is a crime. Bank bosses should be jailed. This is just the beginning."