Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mel Toast's Manifesto

Mel Toast’s Manifesto: Rise Up Against Corporate and Political Crooks Selling Our Jobs

2Truthy’s slogan says it all: It’s Not the Economy, Stupid. It’s YOUR JOB.

Distracted U.S. citizens, despite this economic depression - continue to do nothing to stop this war on America’s middle class jobs. Instead of taking to the streets and to their local corporations and council members en masse, they mindlessly lust to be like the amoral, corporate and political crooks responsible for killing the socio-economic fabric of our society and our livelihoods. Bullying corporations, with the help of their scheming law firms and political whores who, without conscience, profit handsomely from this crime against the people of this nation --our society---lock arms as they persist in spreading the lie that educated Americans, from our finest universities – are lazy and unskilled while they broker our jobs for exorbitant profit to Indian citizens.

Americans are not lazy. Nor are white collar professionals “unskilled.”We won World War II with blood and ingenuity. We went to the moon. We, “the conquerors,” rebuilt Europe and helped Japan become the giant that it is. We have given billions in aid all over the world. We host the UN. We are a virtual clearinghouse of self-criticism. We Americans are not bad. We are not lazy or unskilled. But we have become cowed. After decades of trying to lift all boats around the third world under the banner of globalization, we have failed, while our corrupt politicians work out deals to sell every last job we have in order for them and their corporate cronies to profit. It is NOW time for everyone in this country to admit this.

Once upon a time, we spoke our minds. Once, once we willingly pitched in to help our neighbors, to strengthen our communities. Now we ask with hubris and arrogance and envy “who are you?” and “what’s in it for me?”

Forget about Left and Right. This has come to pass not because of Democrat OR Republican or Liberal or Conservative. It has come to pass because of money. Lots and lots of it.

If there’s money to be made selling our grandmothers to appear in a Romanian porno flick, let the Will of Money be done. There is no honor, integrity or shame. Those are for mugs. We have allowed ourselves to be sold to the highest bidder. (Have you seen the California girl, Natlalie Dylan, who is selling her “virginity”? It’s a sign of the times.) I don’t know what level of education she has or hasn’t reached, but I do know this: Our government is in full swing with India to sell out every last meaningful job that you and your neighbors would have, and for her to capitalize on selling her body is to expose the death knell for American civil society, no less empire.

You used to see that in India or Thailand or the Philippines or in Japan right after World War II and not even flinch. But now, it’s happening right here in America. The sad thing is, this girl perhaps senses that, in the previous generation, she could have worked a “regular” job to put herself through college. Easy. Instead, has she chosen the lazy way out or is this all that Americans have left to ‘support themselves’ in this Fascist society of have and have nots? To sell her body for a hand full of silver. A shabby, but bankable proposition. (What she fails to understand is that men will be willing to pay millions not to take her virginity as she assumes, but to humiliate her. This is something she does not understand.)

American men and women in this country used to work hard. They used to work an honest day for an honest day’s pay. But someone, the globalization fiends if you will, told us that, hey, you guys are stupid. You don’t have to work so hard. Mexicans will do it for you. Or, better still, Indians in warehouses stacked like bags of curry in cities like Bangalore or Hyderabad can work for a fraction of your pay –never mind your hundreds of thousands of dollars of educational investment in our top universities.

To the rest of the world, the United States is a laughing stock, a country that loathes quality and integrity. Today it’s all about the bottom line. Not necessarily what’s BEST but what’s CHEAP. What’s the old saw? GOOD, FAST, CHEAP. Pick two. That’s capitalism. Once upon a time, we didn’t have to worry about competition from India or China or Bangladesh. We sent them hundreds of millions of dollars in aid money and hoped they’d be able to just feed themselves. Well, they’ve done far, far better than that. They are after much more than just a bowl of rice these days. They are after our jobs, our homes and our Way of Life.

The Obama administration is working tirelessly to ensure the demise of America’s white collar middle class and what does its citizens do? They distract themselves with the spoon fed wedge issues, moaning about too-much or not enough religion, relying upon Fascist rags like the Huffington Post for “news” as they cry in their diet-cokes over missing an episode of Dancing With The Stars – all the while ignoring the supposed ‘Democratic’ leadership that is robbing them and doing nothing to reverse it. After eight years of Bush, this Congress and president have every opportunity to lift our middle class by protecting their jobs but instead this administration chooses to sell them for personal profit. This is criminal.

And they won’t have to take our jobs and freedoms with guns. Rich “American” bankers and businessmen and women will exterminate them in the form of H-1B and other visas. And when that won’t work any longer, they will set up factories and offices where these foreigners can work online and write our newspapers, teach our classes and take our Big Mac orders without ever leaving the comforts of the Orient.

I spent 20 years in the Middle East and the Far East. There is no diversity training in China. There is no social security in India. It is social Darwinism. Survival NOT ONLY of the smartest, but of the toughest, meanest and most selfish men—and I do mean MEN—on the block.

This is where we are headed. And we must stop. NOW. India must learn how to take care of its own. The citizens of the Unites States are NOT India’s keepers. It needs to raise or adjust its own standard of living as does China and Mexico and Paraguay and Nepal. Without our help any longer. For we have neglected our own for far too long.

Who ARE these “good neighbors” in our Congress and the White House who are killing jobs for the people of this country? We have been betrayed by our own people in this country. Vicious, mean-spirited and ‘brilliant’ bankers and businessmen who have squandered the treasure and the labor of honest Americans.

We must—somewhat, I fear like the old Soviet Union—stop treating economic crime in this country as if it were a badge of honor. We need to see the Millikens and the Madoffs and the Fulds and the Greenspans of the world hanging from a few lampposts.

That said, Ayn Rand, has more to say about human nature than Marx and Lenin ever will.
But that is a discussion for another day. Right now we need to nip this outsourcing menace in the bud.

No more American jobs overseas, or “in-shoring” over here.

We will hang those at the top who steal from us. And we shall turn our backs on those at the bottom who have spurned society’s efforts—time after time after time—to help them become something other than blind consumers led by hip-hop pied pipers to the promised land of pleasure. This goes equally for the wealthy, prescription drug-abusing housewife who cheats on her husband with her daughter’s boyfriend, and the double-wide denizens who snort crystal meth, wave the flag, and rob liquor stores.

Bread and Circuses. Juvenal. Satire X. Read it. That is what our government is trying to do to us. Seduce us with stuff. Shut us up. And keep us entertained. It was working in Europe, but witness the French: they need jobs and are taking to the streets; Germany understands that handing over jobs to cheap foreign labor hurts their people, themselves, their community; But “they”—those gourmands of globalization—are longing for it to go unchecked here.

Let’s make sure these corrupt U.S. politicians who are literally selling out our jobs to India are taken down, along with their greedy corporate BFFs. Long live jobs in America. E pluribus unum. From many, one.

Let us live again—honestly, and for one another.


Mel Toast

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