Wednesday, April 22, 2009

French Revolt Over Job Losses While America Throws Workers Under the Bus

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French Revolting Over Job Losses

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PARIS - You gotta love the French. They throw lamps while we throw our own citizens under the bus.

Let’s import them.

On Tuesday, French workers from a factory run by German auto parts maker Continental AG “exploded in anger” after a court ruling refused to prevent the company from shutting Continental AG’s site down next year. The French got really pissed off, as they “hurled floor lamps at windows” and stomped on furniture in “despair” over the economic downturn.

In this latest twist on the colossal failure of globalization and the exposure of greedy cheap labor lobbyists, France takes the cake for whipping up a classy anti-corporatist movement. In the Land of Fromage, this splendid country is also renowned for its world-class wineries and a little known, other-worldly and delectably terrifying practice called bossnapping. Compared to our self-loathing, Big Brother enabling American electorate of kumbaya clutching pansies, The French are demonstrating that they indeed have a pair:

“Workers have locked up their bosses. They have blocked production of Toyota Yaris cars and deliveries to key oil terminals. They've burned tires at protests and marched on the capital to ask for government help.”

And what do French government officials do in response? Why, they of course brand such behavior as “unacceptable.” Unacceptable! What exactly is so unacceptable about a bunch of sacked workers displaying this alleged “rare outburst” in protest over job losses?

“They smashed windows at the factory in Clairoix and at a regional administrative office in nearby Compiegne, pulling up lamps and crushing desks and cabinets.”

Mais oui! Bien sur!Certainment…is that camaraderie, or what?

Meanwhile, back in The States, discrimination against American educated white collar workers is rampant by corporate and political elites in cahoots with the Indian/tech lobby who have hijacked this administration to sell out American jobs to Indian citizens. While I reported earlier that Foreign Countries Will Lie To Win American Contracts, this hasn’t stopped president Obama from handing this country’s top CIO and CTO jobs to two highly “prized plants” of the India lobby, as Rob Sanchez reports in his exhaustive, most recent must-read JOB DESTRUCTION NEWSLETTER No. 2010 -- 4/22/2009. (Note that as of this writing, said newsletter has yet to be updated/listed on his website.) Sanchez writes:

“In case you haven't heard, Obama appointed Aneesh Chopra to be the nation's Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Now we have two Indian-Americans in two positions that will make decisions about which government jobs are outsourced to India, and which ones are displaced by H-1Bs. The other one of course is Chief Information Officer (CIO) Vivek Kundra, who has been mentioned several times in this newsletter.”

(Recall this earlier report entitled H-1B CEO Busted in Federal Bribery Sting: FBI Raids Obama Appointee’s Office from yours truly about Obama’s CIO appointment of Vivek Kundra here.)

In addition, Rob Oak of reported here as he cites in Vivek Wadhwa’s constant promotion of workers who are not U.S. citizens that once again the prejudice against Americans shows:

“…most of all, the wholesale, institutionalized age discrimination that fires workers over the age of 35 and replaces them with a steady stream of cheap young labor from other countries is endorsed.”

But the French - now they really kick ass.

As long as our politicians are hellbent on not disproving their image as a pack of greedy, profiteering crooks in league with international human trafficking, why don’t we just import the French instead? Hey, who wouldn’t want to see more French restaurants open up in all of these abandoned strip malls dotting the country?

Inadmissible behavior by employees. And to prove that the brave French are both intellectually and culturally superior to les tres stupide, One World loving American dupes who line up like idle bowling pins as American corporofascists strike down their jobs and hand them to India, French Socialist Party spokesman Benoit Hamon said the root of France’s worker protest was "inadmissible behavior by employers." When was the last time you read that apt phrase used to describe how profiteering American corporate leaders and their beltway butt-boyz are working 24/7 to take your jobs?

In addition, Communist Party leader Marie-George Buffet also said workers "are obliged to use means that they themselves regret." She said, "When you are in front of a wall, it is despair that speaks out."

But when American workers are thrown under the bus, leave it to the clueless and “I Got Mine” India lobby loving pedestrians to look the other way. Divide and Conquer is working.

The USA? “Land of the Free” Jobs to India Giveaway. “Home of the knave.”

Vive la France!



Citizen Carrie said...

Welcome back, TooTruthy! We missed your passion and excellence in reporting. So the French are still at it, huh? I agree, staple a Green Card to all of their visas and let them all in.

2Truthy said...

Well thank you, CC.

You're right about stapling Green Cards to the French, especially the green part.

I'm not kidding about a dire need for more French restaurants around here. I can't remember the last time I had a decent meal of frog's legs.

JerseyCynic said...

I'm glad my youngest is taking French in high school.

2Truthy said...

Vive la Fran├žais! And here I thought all students these days were dashing the ultimate romance language, French, for more exotic languages like Chinese;)

Great to hear your youngest studying French, my favorite language. Although yours truly also has a passion for the dying language, Portugese, eh...que sera sera...

If I may pass along this worldly bit of advice to parse for your young Francophile:

Bien faire et laisser dire.

(Do your work well and never mind the critics.)

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