Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Red Alert: Citizen Carrie Gone Missing

(Photo credits/special thanks to Outdoorsmen Adventures)

Recent photo of Novi,MI resident Citizen Carrie (above)

Breaking News

We interrupt our daily programming to issue this ALL POINTS BULLETIN (APB) that blogger Citizen Carrie of Carrie’s Nation has gone missing.

News surfaced this morning that upon clicking the link carriesnation.blogspot.com the following ominous message at her home site address appeared:

Blog has been removed.
Sorry, the blog at carriesnation.blogspot.com has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

Like a thief in the night, our beloved blogger and friend, Citizen Carrie, has been taken from us, vanishing without a trace. No note, no nothing. Nada, zip, goose egg. An urgent email attempt has been made earlier this afternoon, with no response as of this writing. Close friend and commenter, Red Oak, also issued notice to LWOH of Citizen Carrie’s MIA, and the hounds have been called in to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Carrie’s Nation.

Although no evidence has surfaced to date, speculation over whether this disappearance might be a suicide or direct hit looms large. Why would KAOS silence one of the best voices of fair and balanced, independent reporting? Did she take her own blog life? If so, why? Preliminary investigative reports so far turn up no motive and thus far reveal no signs of suicidal tendencies, as her very last post, yesterday - albeit brief -- touched upon the usual subject matter relating to discrimination in the cache.

A very distraught QUINCY is taking the news of Citizen Carrie’s disappearance especially hard, as he issued this statement from his need-to-know basis whereabouts down in Mexico City as he investigates the perpetrators of the Swine Flu epidemic:

“Please tell me it isn’t so, 2Truthy. Citizen Carrie was my best friend. When everybody else made fun of Pigs she was always there for me, and never stopped believing in my ability to lead a movement against the discrimination of all Pigs, everywhere, in the fight for truth and justice. I hope this is all just some terrible, horrible mistake and that she will come back and I especially hope she hasn’t come down with the Swine Flu because if she did, I will never forgive myself. Can we make a room for her at our place at LWOH? She can have my bed. I’ll sleep on the floor with the beagle, I don’t care. Life in the cruel blogosphere will be an empty sty without Citizen Carrie.” (See her comment here.)”

This senseless disappearance leaves us all with this hard question: What is a blog life? For whom does it matter? To what unspeakeable acts of aggression do we allow the bunions and burrs of the blowhard riddled blog world to choke out what’s left of independent, investigative reporting, a gift that Citizen Carrie gave to each one of us on a regular basis at her ‘A’ Class outpost, Carrie’s Nation?

Voltaire wrote "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong", yet perhaps we may never know the truth behind the sudden disappearance of this once thriving life of the blogosphere.

Any information on the whereabouts of Citizen Carrie is greatly appreciated, and I know that some of her favorite bloggers and commenters including Androcass, Carlini, Democurmudgeon, Dwaffler, Distributorcap, Shortwoman, and Red Oak among the many others all share our prayers for her safe return.

Please check in with LWOH here in the comments section with any news you may have and to share your thoughts on our missing, beloved blogger.

And Carrie – where ever you are -- if you have access to an internet connection and a laptop, can you give us some kind of a sign?



Melvin Toast said...

Oh my God! You were RIGHT 2T!! I can't believe this. Make sure you put a circle "C" after everything you write. And get it in a disclaimer on your site! The future is yours!

2Truthy said...

Yes Mel, a cirlce "C" after all work in honor of our beloved CC.
This was either a direct hit or intentional, and it is hard to imagine why the goons of KAOS would take issue with such a fair and balanced site. Curious if intentional -- although one does reach a certain point of saturation for a variety of reasons,particularly when creepy stalkers are stalking your site and in person (another unrelated matter.)

Melvin Toast said...

But what I am referring to is a conversation we had a while back about the "true identity" of bloggers, particularly Carrie's Nation and your suspicion that it might be "you know who" looking for "you know what."

2Truthy said...

Right. And right, again about my original suspicions.

Forensics has turned up the smoking gun, and as you already know, the evidence is *classified*.

(Since this blog is rated "PG", we needed to whitewash the story with a bit of melodrama.)

Anonymous said...

Who will call me a software industry idiot and liar now?

- mcfnord

2Truthy said...


You just wait and see what's in store... IMHO, CC will be a tough act to follow but the good news is that Androcass, with his superb analytical skills and writing finesse, is quite alive and in top form.

Also, dead bloggers have one advantage over mere mortals and that is the ability to reincarnate their former cyberselves into new blogger-beings.

But first we must get through the wake.

Anonymous said...

I read (skim) Andro kinda daily. Once he even made a whole post deriding me based on vast misappraisals of my life and times. Their labor policies would kill America's leadership role in the software industry where I'm employed, so I hope they don't grab power in a Beer Hall Putsch.

- mcfnord

The Critic said...

I put my own call up. What gives? My email got bounced back as a no longer existent email addy.

2Truthy said...

The Critic, hi,

I've yet to hear anything, also. But with the bounced messages, wouldn't you think she would email someone back and have our addresses around somewhere? If she herself didn't pull the site and the site was shut down, I'd at least think she would want her regular readers to know something about it and/or her plans.

Smoke signals, you know?


Mr. McF,

As I recall, on more than one occasion, Andro and CC ripped you a new one. Flamboyantly, too. Your premise is so last year...

Just between us, there is no skilled labor shortage, everybody who isn't a neo-frat boy sycophant knows it, and yet people like you persist on gifting the Plutocracy with your undying love, in hot pursuit of the ultimate man crush.
Believe me, I know something about this. And about that Beer Hall Putch thing?

In my last incarnation, I knew Adolph Hitler.

You, sir, are no Adolph Hitler.

That's probably a good thing because I'd rather have a stein of beer with Von Kahr.

Androcass said...

Now, now, Gay Swami, let's take it a little easy on the lad, shall we? After all, I ignored the evidence of the wholesale sellout of our workers by the corporatocracy and their compliant friends in Big Gov when we were "only" moving out our manufacturing capacity. I actually bought into the idea that these downtrodden wrench-turners would welcome the opportunity to become "knowledge workers."

I didn't have the more mature perspective that there were folks who garnered satisfaction from making things, from seeing "their" cars travel down the highway. Neither had it dawned on me that cubicle farms can be at least as soul-killing as assembly lines.

I'll grant that we've spent far too much time trying to open the eyes of those who refuse to see, who don't understand that their inability to argue their positions demonstrates the weakness of those positions, rather than a principled "refusal to stoop." At a certain point, we need simply to present the truth based on what we know and see, and allow those who cannot accept it to find their own way.

Anonymous said...

sweet godwin!

carrie also predicted the internet! she's al gore! she eschews that hoity toity WSJ. trying to take her seriously became stomach-churning.

i continue to earn a large wage. HOW CAN IT BE? best advise: insist i'm a liar and a troll! circle the wagons and stick to the 5 back-slappers who agree. yeah they showed me!!!

- mcfnord

Red Oak said...

McSmurf: "i continue to earn a large wage. HOW CAN IT BE?"

I dunno, mcsnuffle, me and mine are sitting pretty right now, too, and I managed to figure it out. I guess some of us have the intellect to acquire and learn from facts and information outside the range of our personal experience, and some of us don't.

Good old Mr. Solipsist, with your endearing lack of rudimentary reasoning skills, back with your bells and harlequin suit. I see you're not behindhand in incorporating the latest addendum to the Kool-Aid Drinker's Catechism into your 3-bullet-point, corporate-press-release world view - alleging Nazi-tude among the impious!

It is the latest thing. Good for you. What you lack in native wit you make up for in spades with drone-ly diligence. But if this isn't just a fashionista one-off, you will have to grapple with having four, rather than just three, drone clich├ęs and personal anecdotes to remember, order, and manipulate. Think you can handle it?

thetownliar said...

I have not been around for a while, and have read too little of the Citizen Carrie blog to form an opinion of it or the blogger other than it appeared to almost mirror this one not in style but in subject matter. A few thoughts.

You know what they say. If the crime doesn't produce solid leads within the first 72 hours, the trail grows cold and the bandits make off with pickings.

My two cents is that your friendly missing blogger isn't so friendly. If foul play wasn't involved (decided to call blog quits) the blogger would sign in here and join the fray. Equally, if GOOGLE pulled the plug on the blog, the blogger, if a noble soul, would find a way to bray about it here. I started a blog but abandoned it due to my work schedule, but wouldn't consider pulling the plug. Either this blogger was a spammer, original content thief, or some hybrid of poaching, unsavory person, who, on the off chance, could even be holed up in a padded cell somewhere. I sincerely doubt the credibility and goodness of this individual for at least not having the decency to show up for his or her own wake.

2Truthy said...

Androcass, well said. I also bought into the whole offshore manufacturing push, and although it did wonders for cleaning up the So. Side Chicago's air quality, I always wondered why what is now known as "green technology" couldn't be developed to scrub the toxic emissions. After all, we used to be a Super Power with top tier R&D labs, no?

McF, this Swine Flu "pandemic" doesn't hold a candle to the Hubris Disease - a distant yet equally distasteful cousin of the painful " I Got Mine" Flu. Excuse me for prying but are you pulling down $450 hr. in attorney's fees or are you a brain surgeon? Are you as cocksure to think that the doyenne of this establishment along with the readers are a bunch of Gomer Pyles, or what? You wanna dual zip codes? Try me...

I've got my pithe helmut on and am firing up the Land Rover but really, how horribly tiresome it becomes to see the problem, provide the research, offer intelligent solutions and explain it to people like you who are incapable of figuring out that with just a little bit of IQ exercising, there can exist such a thing as smart, responsible capitalism. I believe the word is 'oversight' -- something the Bush administration robbed us of, (among other assorted atrocious mistreatments of the public good and its coffers) and that this new Boss unfortunately also looks mighty comfortable with.

Party on, McF, and remember to keep telling yourself over and over again in the words of our latest Fuhrer,


TL, I think you might be being a little harsh, although I have heard nothing. Cold case, at least by all outward accounts.

Anonymous said...

one point i continue restating is that i came to my views about tech visa immigration independently, without anyone's corporate press view. this is consistently disputed by this group, so hey, let's restate it. before you guyz maligned my experiences, you disputed their veracity, so i guess this is progress.

i own in the 98102. pretty rich i guess. but i ride a bicycle. OMG ANECDOTAL MUST BE SOLIPSISM AND COULD NOT BE OF BENEFIT OUR WORLD IN ANY FASHION.

currently, as we're all in share mode, i'm in mexico soaking in some sweet arbitrage, and there's a siesta to prepare for. it's never clear to me where you guys freak out about arbitrage (andro spelled it out but in the end he just said those who relocate jobs should pay into the unemployment system *which is already the case in my state*) so i'm going to add that i kinda wanna move here and telecommute. EFFICIENCY NOES!

I've seen 2 of you call yourselves "moderate republicans" but you seem also "stateist" and i wonder if you'd welcome that moniker. i am an open market democrat which entails oversight, stone cold bonkers straw man city if you think i oppose the sort of oversight failures that got us here.

keep it fresh, let's stick to the dick-off, i've got my measurestick! i need more housewives appraising more tech labor markets!

- mcfnord

Anonymous said...

if ya'all want sweet mexico pics and vids of my adventures check out http://mcfnord.livejournal.com/ and lob some sweeping damnations in comments. welcome! - mcfnord

Anonymous said...

I believe that anyone spreading innuendo against Carrie, are those who found her writing inconvenient for their pro-exploitation of visa agenda.

She was a valuable and all too rare resource, and she will be missed. I hope one day to read her articles again.

2Truthy said...

anon, Trolls embracing the topic of corporate visa/immigration exploitation are victims of the "Hubris Disease" with old colonial complexes. CC is one of a handful of bloggers who all have the wherewithall to differentiate between economic imperatives and partisan agendas as they negatively affect the white collar middle class.




Truth Seeker said...

Carrie's disappearance would appear to be self-inflicted. Her hotmail address (Microsoft) is as dead as her blogspot blog (Google). That shows intent.

Why she didn't just walk away and leave it there is also a good question. It implies there was omething about the content - ithe to her or someone else - that meant it had to go. Perhaps she was trying to get over what she saw as an obsession endangering other, important, things in her life. Perhaps her spouse issued an ultimatum (quit or else) or dropped a bomb (I'm leaving).
Or maybe she received a legal threat of significant import that required the removal of all the content in order to avoid further sanction (less likley than marital / life turmoil, IMHO, but still possible.

The acts of deleting the blog AND the email address and remaining unresponsive show a determination to not be there any more....

I very much doubt she was a cynical presence. Her several emails to me in recent months were utterly genuine in tone and content.

2Truthy said...


Paid "too much", oh yeah? Et tu? Here's what I know: Your Lake Union 'hood is teeming with overpaid, floofy investment bankers who waaay overinflated the values of those (noisy, thank you very much, prezdumas) eensy lots. Not to mention, and at least one famous figure(a friend of yours truly)who was recently on 60 Minutes happens to now be bankrupt. Ding ding!!

Truth Seeker,

You are correct. Citizen Carrie's site and email were pulled down voluntarily and not by the big 'g'.
As you point out, the site could have been left untouched and the only reason it was pulled by CC was because of content issues.

You add "I very much doubt she was a cynical presence. Her several emails to me in recent months were utterly genuine in tone and content." Ditto that. Her work in this field is over, at least for now under the handle "CC". Would explain why she doesn't 'check in' with us.

Anonymous said...

She probably found a job and decided that having that blog would hurt her if somebody at work figured out who she was. That's the reason most internet activist pull out.