Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Michael Moore Hearts King Obama

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Three Cheers for Michael Moore: NOT!

Let’s make that 1 ½ cheers for Mr. Moore, who, with arguably good intentions, has an unfortunate blindspot when it comes to (not) seeing the dark shadows around the bend in the Obama administration.

In Michael Moore’s essay “'We the People' to 'King of the World' You're Fired!” the author, filmmaker and Oscar award winner vigorously applauds Obama for having “the massive will of the American people behind him” as he ousted GM’s CEO Rick Wagoner this week. Moore then asks the question that is on everyone else’s mind this week: If Obama can ask a CEO of a Fortune 500 company to step down, why can’t he ask one of the many bank CEOs to hit the road, too?

Please know that it has not been lost on any of us from the Rust Belt how our corporate bigwigs were treated (remember, the auto companies wanted a loan, not a handout) compared to how the titans of Wall Street got trillions of free cash, lunch at the White House and a photo op with the Prez. Trust me, we get it. And, if there is a God in heaven, the thieves of Wall Street will soon pay.”

And pay up, they should, indeed. As the Flint Michigan native compassionately and accurately describes how the excesses of GM’s management ruined the lives of so many of its workers in the name of corporate greed, his essay completely fails to recognize or mention how closely and intimately entwined the corporate, “ruling elite” leaders and Obama administration’s government appointees (Czars) really are. Is it not possible that some heavy hitting financial investors and backers of Obama who now serve on his Economic Advisory Team might possibly have a financial interest in GM and the future, profitable “greening” of Detroit that could benefit from the ouster of Wagoner and other old school board members at GM and not of their Goldman Sachs & Co. banker friends?

One commenter clearly summed up Moore’s blind-spot below:

“Even if the story is true, even if Obama did demand the General Motors CEO resign, so what? How is that going to turn the US economy around or recoup the trillions the ruling elites and the US government have stolen from us? How is one guy resigning going to revive an imploding system? How is one public resignation going to bring a cease fire and closure to the class warfare being waged in AmeriKKKa that is ravaging this nation's socio-economic fabric?Why didn't Obama demand the CEOs of AIG, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase or CITIgroup resign. Why doesn't he ask Robert Rubin to turn himself in on fraud charges? Why doesn't Obama send the FBI or military to find Dov Zakheim and get back the trillions he stole from the DOD? Why doesn't Obama demand the CEOs and analysts of/at Finchs, Standard and Poor and Moody's bond rating companies surrender to the FBI, SEC and any other alphabet agency that deals with fraud and corruption? Until this happens all this is stuff is just a scham and media PR stunt to hoodwink brain dead yahoos into thinking Barack Obama is working on their behalf. Not!”-Junious Ricardo Stanton

No, Mr. Moore. The Obama administration road map will leave workers of Detroit (and across the country) to compete with third world labor wages as it speeds up its “risky investments” in the U.S. banking casino culture, awarding Corporate Team Obama a license to steal during America’s race to the bottom. This roadmap is designed to loot the middle class you claim to champion. Regardless of Wagoner’s departure, please tell us what Obama and his corporate friends whom you place your faith in will do to stop the exodus of American white collar jobs so that a few Silicon Valley tech lobby and beltway elites can profit. Tell us, Michael Moore…

Detroit area resident Citizen Carrie of Carrie’s Nation offers an inside glimpse into the realities of this War on America’s middle class in her excellent post Michigan Workers are Not Qualified to Work for Companies That Offer Products That Don't Exist, a must read for Michael Moore to dispel any ‘King of the World’ hero worship notions clouding his vision. Although the ouster of Wagoner is a good place to start, Michael Moore could take notes from Citizen Carrie on the harmful impact of this country's orchestrated collusion of corporate, university and political insiders as they rob middle class taxpayers of the American Dream.

Mr. Moore may indeed be hopeful that Obama will next take down a few Wall Street crooks and incompetents, and who in the non-portfolio class wouldn’t be? Good. But hope is for free. And this will do nothing to stop the Obama administration’s legalized, elitist Joy Ride of turning America’s white collar middle class into a nation of serfs – the most glaring omission in this otherwise spot-on essay. Precisely how can Moore fail to see how Obama’s Economic Advisory team is one by and for insiders is a testament to what a little bit of good, old fashioned celebrity and cash can do to an otherwise good soul who once had 20/20 vision. To be sure, yours truly is the first to agree that there is work to be done in this administration and that Obama has an ideal opportunity to reverse twenty five years of unprecedented, disastrous global labor outsourcing practices that have hurt the people of this country and elsewhere.

When and if Moore ever starts calling out Obama’s Economic Advisory Team on their American job outsourcing/insourcing addiction, that’s when the rubber will hit the road.

After receiving an Oscar and being twenty plus years away from life down on the farm, champions of the People (and not third world serfs) like Michael Moore can become quite skilled and comfortable driving with their eyes closed.

Party on, plebes!



Red Oak said...

Krazy Karl's Market Ticker has an interesting hypothesis on why GM's bankruptcy will be More Party Time for the Usual Suspects. (Link)

Hint: AIG in another starring role as the stolen property fence.

Continuez à manger de la brioche, plebes!

Citizen Carrie said...

Interesting link, Red Oak. If Jim Cramer was smart, he'd be telling us to be stocking up and buying stock in Vaseline.

I have to hand it to Michael Moore. It must be very difficult to write populist articles that don't offend your corporate backers.

And that story about the Silicon Valley execs making the trek to D.C.? For efficiency's sake, they should have gone there the same day as the Indian trade delegation. All sorts of deals could have been made that day.

JerseyCynic said...

"Come on Down" to

Government Motors!!
(LOL - couldn't resist)

Hey tt -- how you been? I've been reading your posts on the fly. Great stuff -- we gotta talk -- lots to catch up on. I'll try to get a hold of you this weekend.

Hugs & Kisses

2Truthy said...

"That is, The Obama Administration has to bankrupt AIG to save GM, or we will instead see the banks again rip off the American Taxpayer through yet another "passthrough" CDS payout stream AND GM will go bankrupt." -KD

RO, thanks for the great link to Krazy Karl's Market Ticker. Denninger calls 'em like he sees 'em and is typically spot on.
OMG. If he's right about that 'both holes' hit for Joe Taxpayer, "CC's GPS Pitchforks & Co." could be the next Goog$e.

CC, do you think these man-crushy boyz weren't tweetin' their silly heads off about making sure their cash cow of cheap slave labor laws won't be touched? I really do wish Michael Moore hadn't od'ed on the kool-aid...

Heya JC!! LOL that video, thanks!
Let's chat, muchacha!