Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Howard Dean Cracks ObamAgenda Behind Health Care Bill

(Special thanks to Joe Cannon at Cannonfire)

ObamAgenda Health Care Bill Exposed by Howard Dean

Blame it on Rham, but it's time to kill the Democratic sponsored health care bill. All of it. Scrap it. Start over.

But wait – they're in charge, as Glenn Greenwald at Salon reaffirms what many of us have known all along about Rahm's placebo health care bullet, Congressional Democrats' and RhamBama's number one goal of this health care bill scam: suck up to big pharma and the insurance industry and then cash out. Although Greenwald reports that Obama never had any intention of including a robust Public Option, his article doesn't emphasize (much less mention) the key motive behind the RhamBama health care bill – which is a mandate to force everyone to buy cost-prohibitive insurance from a mafioso industry that would bankrupt America's middle/upper middle class. With the impending passing of their health care bill, are the Democrats the Victim or the Crime?

Now, a fresh crop of instant Obama critics are starting to fall out of the trees, including the ones who stomped and voted for him. They're shocked about the “betrayal” - even ones like David Sirota who used to write books about the great heart of darkness within the One Big Party of Money. As Greenwald notes, the fate of this horrible health care bill from the Democrats has a chorus bleating about how the Democrats are the VICTIMS of big monied interests and how Lieberman is the spoiler  in getting this bill passed. Pass the Rolaids.

Let's hear a huge round of applause for former DNC chairman, Dr. Howard Dean who is now fed up (a little too late?) and is finally standing up for the majority of Americans who will be hurt by this deadly insurance industry giveaway bill. The good doctor Howard Dean has been sidelined and marginalized long enough by this party. Good for him for FINALLY telling us that this damn health care bill is not worth passing and that we should “start over.”

But is the current One Big Money Party system “tragically ungovernable” as Greenwald cites such Obama followers including Matt Yglesias, Ezra Klein and Steve Benen who claim it to be? Ungovernable? What does this imply? Isn't this supposed to be a Democracy by and for the People? Right. By and for the People with the “I Got Mine” bumper stickers and tee-shirts for fawning sycophants. Greenwald explains how the ObamAgenda has succumbed to “centrist compromises” that don't include America's middle class:

In an ideal world, Congress would be -- and should be -- an autonomous branch of government, exercising judgment independent of the White House's influence, but that's not the world we live in.  Does anyone actually believe that Rahm Emanuel (who built his career on industry support for the Party and jamming "centrist" bills through Congress with the support of Blue Dogs) and Barack Obama (who attached himself to Joe Lieberman when arriving in the Senate, repeatedly proved himself receptive to "centrist" compromises, had a campaign funded by corporate interests, and is now the leader of a vast funding and political infrastructure) were the helpless victims of those same forces?  Engineering these sorts of "centrist," industry-serving compromises has been the modus operandi of both Obama and, especially, Emanuel.”

But that's been the ObamAgenda when it comes not only to this health care bill but to job outsourcing/insourcing. The two are intrinsically linked, with the expressed goal of extracting every last penny from America's dying middle/upper middle class by forcing them to finance unaffordable health care insurance for themselves and for unnecessary, imported labor that Corporate America should be taxed and charged to cover instead.

Look at what the ObamAgenda is doing to kill jobs (h/t Patrick Thibodeau) for Americans in addition to trotting out the loathsome and dangerous Alan Greenspan, who dictates that the H-1B visa cap would make dreadful, educated, middle class Americans a “priveleged elite.” Fuck Alan Greenspan. Yes, the Democrats are still down with this, too? Shame on them all, these self-important fools now tumbling out of the trees who support selling out our jobs to the third world. HilBama was a false choice from the get-go, and now media wannabe's are choosing sides, like driveling weasels without courage and conviction. Where are their apologies? Whether too stupid or too insufferable, this ilk of media whores who support the ObamAgenda of mandated health insurance and job outsourcing/insourcing should move to the third world countries they are propping up by not standing up for the rights of America's middle class citizens to build better lives and support our infrastructures right here. If the Obama administration wants to open up the floodgate for MORE imported labor when there are not enough jobs for Americans, how does this mandatory insurance get paid? Is it the intention for the Democrats to build a huge underclass on the dole? It's looking that way, and the Democrats want to own that feudal serf lord political action as James Carville predicts in his book 40 More Years. Welfare at the bottom and corporate welfare at the top, all around!

A so-called public option without access for all to quality health care that Single Payer would provide (and was never on the table) is NOT an option. It can't be, when the ObamAgenda is committed to selling out middle class jobs so American citizens can't even afford to pay for it. The Democratic party is hell-bent on competing with the GOP to create a huge welfare state. While middle class Americans need to have access to affordable health care and good paying jobs to pay for it, this health care bill deserves to to be buried. Along with the greedy sponsors it rode in on.

Are the Democrats the Victim or the Crime? Dick Durbin yesterday said that he doesn't expect the party to lose supporters over this sick bill. What has he been smoking? Patience is running out on these cheap-labor junkies in the White House and Congress from millions of Americans, Left and Right.


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