Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Obama's Afghanistan and US Middle Class War Strategery

(Very Special thanks to The Dark Wraith)

United States Neo-Frat Boy Government Gives Whores a BAD NAME

In today's Afghanistan, things are not all poppies and roses.

President Obama has decided to send over 35,000 more US troops to ostensibly “stabilize” their country, begging the question what needs stabilizing over there by the United States? In a perfect world, Afghanistan is the kind of place one could visit to enjoy the company of kind and decent locals, enjoy great food and centuries of strong tradition that is not exactly patterned after Disneyland. Far from it. Obama has declared open season on the people of Afghanistan and America's middle class by diverting US taxpayer dollars to kill Afghanis and US middle class citizens by not spending the money on single payer health care and restoring middle/upper middle class jobs to US citizens that were given to imported Indian workers.

Strategery, Bush 2.0. In his speech last night, Obama said “the only nation I am interested in building is our own.” Is someone's nose growing? If ONLY this were true, as his actions continue to betray his words on every single policy stance his Manchurian fingers (h/t Dave Lindorff) have touched in his award winning role of POTUS. From job outsourcing/in sourcing US jobs to India, disastrous health care “reform”, casino climate change cap and trade, and this latest Afghanistan foreign policy fiasco, it is important to recognize these four convergent points ALL hinge on selling out American middle class jobs and livelihoods to imported, cheap workers and shoring up an insiders playground of global elites determined to profit from ridding the US of any traces of a prospering and truly democratic middle class society through labor arbitrage.

Killing off national pride and sovereignty is the first place to start, and the corporate run US government is hellbent on spreading its hubris disease to the AfPak region in order to strengthen its US/Indian alliance with its “strategy” of integrating US military forces while it grows its corporate presence into their population “as long as they are needed on the ground.” Hmm, like indefinitely? Sounds like a grand recipe of taking US taxpayer funds to shore up US/India interests over there from guns to butter, if you want to ask me...and while the US economy is in the shitter, why not spend billions of dollars over there so we don't have to spend them over here to create new jobs and improve our own infrastructures? (h/t Tony Wikrent at Economic Populist.)

What I want to know is this: why is Obama so concerned about stabilizing someone else's country when he can not even stabilize his own? (Presuming of course, that he really IS a US citizen.) For the past twenty years, US citizens have watched their jobs and salaries disappear and erode as greedy politicians like Bill and Hillary Clinton figured out to a way to hack away at middle class jobs and create a delightful have and have-not neo-feudal frat boy society in this country by importing cheap workers from India under the lie that Americans are too uneducated to work and that there are not enough of them. Hey, go tell that to over one hundred million US citizens with degrees from the finest universities in the world – American -- who are now unemployed and underemployed because a few US corpo-political sociopaths have no regard for human life and local civility. With his latest let them eat cakism, hey, goes the thinking, why not just export this distinct US brand of ''hate thy neighbor' over to the AfPak region, too?

So why not turn Afghanistan into a serfy police state and get them to protect US corporate interests against a few of the local, uppity bad guys? I mean, how many American soldiers DOES it take to weed out a few bad guys and then go home? Maybe as many Secret Service guys it takes to weed out a couple of terrifying party crashers? India has looked to the US as a strategic partner to not only siphon American jobs but to shore up their own interests in the AfPak region against Muslim Pakistan. This is a country which could arguably be considered a virtual mecca of perpetual destabilization by the US in order to create more foment, wars and profits for a few sociopathic corporate and political elites.

And now, not only are US government officials fond of employing a disproportionate mix of Indian cybersecurity “experts” to run everything from its IT infrastructure to agriculture with Obama's recent appointment of this USAID Czar (with ties to Google 'Monopoly Man' Al Gore), it is hardly a stretch to imagine Afghanistan becoming Big Ag's new bitch with this accelerated troop increase to protect profits for the few who will gain. And it won't be the ordinary Afghanis, the ones whom the US government insists will benefit from our deadly and hateful brand of “democracy” spreading.

Obama said the goal of sending 35,000 more troops into Afghanistan is based upon the need to help train their military on how to police certain elements of their society who would threaten “democracy” but the reality is that it has bug eyes on expanding the neo-frat boy corporate state over there whether they like it or not. Current TV (Al Gore's company) explains Big Ag's role in “the real war agenda” in Afghanistan:

In this Briefing, we look at how the US's agricultural reconstruction work in Afghanistan and Iraq not only gives easy entry to US agribusiness and pushes neoliberal policies, something that has always been a primary function of US development assistance, but is also an intrinsic part of the US military campaign in these countries and the surrounding regions.
Seen together with the growing clout that the US and its corporate allies exercise over donor agencies and global bodies - such as the World Bank, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) centres, which influence the food and farm policies adopted by the recipient countries - this is an alarming development.
These are not unique cases born from unusual circumstances, but constitute a likely template for US activities overseas, as it continues to expand its "war on terror" and pursues US corporate interests.”

In the true spirit of giving, as we enter the most joyous of holiday seasons and celebrate Christmas, isn't it redeeming to know that someone is profiting wildly from the spread of Islamaphobia? (h/t Chris Floyd at Empire Burlesque.) With Obama's commitment to more killing and destruction in the name of “democracy” in Afghanistan, let us not forget that those billions of dollars spent on this Surge 2.0 in Afghanistan and their destruction diverts US funds from paying for universal health care and a real US jobs program to restore stolen American jobs that this US/India “strategic alliance” cooked up in order for a few elites to wildly profit from. This Sodahead article observes:

In order to increase profits, companies outsourced American jobs to China, Korea, Taiwan, India, etc. This has cost many Americans their jobs, and by doing so they cannot buy the products the companies they used to work for produce, as well as insurance, cars and homes. All the company needed to do was ask for money and it was given, by a government they bought and paid for. They stayed rich as the middle class worker joined the ranks of the impoverished.”

If this is what Obama meant by his promise of transparency, isn't it a relief to know that he and his neo-frat boy sycophants are spending US taxpayer dollars killing people in other lands with guns and bombs over there while they oh-so-discreetly kill off educated US citizens here by denying universal health care coverage and jobs? Like many people here and around the globe, during this Christmas and holiday season, I'll be praying for the people of Afghanistan. And like the peace loving dove that I am, I know Obama's deadly Afghanistan troop surge is more smoke being blown up the pants of corporate crooks and war hawks to blur the truth about this war against America's middle class, dressed up in a burqa and smoking a hookah pipe.
Party on, plebs!



Mentok said...

Excellent post. What I found interesting, from Al Gore's ClubKids' site that you cite:

"not only gives easy entry to US agribusiness and pushes neoliberal policies.."

I find that very funny ha ha, because US Agribusiness is VERY localized. What you're describing is the big multinational corps like Monsanto, ADM, etal abandoning the American farmer in favor of more lucrative, albeit illegal pastures.

Farmers who get their water cut off (as in California) do one of two things when the government pulls crap like that: 1/ route around the cancer, again; or 2/ retire and play golf. There is no #3, 'get driven to Afghanistan by some city slicker to help tend to the poppies.'

It's all about family & land. Corny as that sounds.

I wonder how the Central Valley, which used to feed 1/5 of the world just on exports will do so when 90% of the farm land lies fallow as the desert it was 200 years ago and the unemployment in the area stands as high as 40%?

I can see Barry trying to con or force US farmers into leaving their land for the poppies. I can also see those farmers teaching Afghani farmers how to shoot even MORE straight.

And this bozo won a Nobel Prize? *groan*

2Truthy said...

"Al Gore's Club Kids", LOL! Indeed. (That mighty mega million dollar LOSING endeavor could have used a few *hall monitors* but hey, that's the price of progress.)

"It's all about family & land. Corny as that sounds."

Yeah, it doesn't take much of a drive through the Midwest's heartland's cornfields/croplands to see that the Family Farm and their rustic, strong little towns are DOA. A truly sickening site, to see that charming rural towns and silos have no ties any longer to the people who made them great.