Friday, January 29, 2010

2Truthy's Happy Friday Hour with Dan Sheridan: "Big Money"

But they don't listen to my words, the words I've been singing. I'm just here to fill the void between cellphones ringing.”
-Dan Sheridan

The Non-Personhood Corporate Class Eliminates Jobs for Americans

Aspen – Singer song-writer Dan Sheridan thinks big money ruins everything.

As our splendid friends at Murray Hill, Inc. PR will attest, corporate America's non-personhood 'people' are looting the middle class. And like the forty-something American nurse's aid who has been unemployed since 2007 and millions of others like her who can't even get a job at the local grocery store, millions of unemployed and underemployed citizens are helplessly watching local jobs they need being given to imported workers under the grand lie of a US labor shortage. After this week's SOTU, Dennis Kucinich is now very concerned that we could lose our country if President Obama does not become “much bolder.” Leave it to Dennis, as always, to call it like it is. Now that our crumbling Empire is shamelessly and unconscionably manipulated by the ham-fisted, invisible hand of Corporate Personhood and the grandiose nosismists it rode in on, Kucinich implores Obama with the timely request to be 'bolder' or 'we could lose our country.' He said Obama's focus must be on “improving conditions” for the US middle class and cited the need to reverse the rising tide of unemployed Americans:

"A rising tide lifts all boats," he said, "and unfortunately at this point the rising tide of unemployment is swamping a lot of boats, and so we need to give the people some hope that they can stay afloat economically."

Well, Dennis, hope is for free, and Americans can't take hope to the bank. What to do? Stop the anti-American worker lobbyists! The only way to start getting Americans back to work again is for the US Congress and corporate America to finally stop selling our jobs to imported workers. This is something our Congress CAN do with the overwhelming support of the American people, which Obama has. Will the president get bold? Will the oh-so cowardly left who mindlessly attack those with racist hurls for wanting to keep their jobs finally remove their groupthinky head from the sand?

The corporate non-personhood class of elites and politicians are making “Big Money” from outsourcing American jobs, and this story of Aspen musician Dan Sheridan being fired for performing an “inappropriate” song entitled “Big Money” serves as the ultimate Neo-frat boy corporate state National Anthem that now defines the deep chasm of moral divide between the hubris drenched haves and have-not classes of America. Yes indeed, Dennis is right to be concerned that we could “lose our country” - if we haven't already.

Has big money ruined everything, yet?

Happy Friday, Loserettes!


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