Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is Google REALLY About Censoring Censorship?

 The Combat of the Giaour and Hassan, 1826
Eugène Delacroix  1798-1863

A Mel Toast GOOGLE Reactionary Retrospective on Religion

You have heard the old saw?


Pick two.

Well, here’s the new political version of that clever epigram:

A functioning democracy.
A vibrant free market.

Pick two.

If Christianity is “bullshit,” what is Islam?  Click HERE for youtube video on "Islam is"...

Well, you’ll have to ask Google about that. If you type in the phrase “Christianity is” in the search box you get back all manner of vulgarity.  But if you type in the phrase “Islam is” you get . . . well, nothing.

And, while equating Islam with nothing is quite OK in my book, that’s not EXACTLY what Google is doing.

Some at Google have explained it away as a “glitch” or a “bug.” Others prefer the more technically inscrutable  “algorithmic logic error in the embedded subroutine.”

But they are hiding behind their techno-babble, and we all know the truth. Google has become the world’s best index, and has also become the best in the world at—censorship.

The muslims have already handed over a king-of-Saudi Arabia’s-ransom to Google in order to help the Wahabists foist their viral scourge of a faith upon the planet. Now it’s time for proponents of other religions—and free-thinking atheists as well— to stand up and be heard.

This triumph of Islamo-fascistic censorship cannot be allowed to stand.

Charles Martel stopped them near the gates of Paris itself at the Battle of Tours in 721.  And again, in 1571, the Ottoman hordes were defeated by Don Juan of Austria in the Battle of Lepanto in the Ionian Sea near Greece.

And so it is today that we must destroy this most unholy alliance between Islam and Google, and keep the Saracens from their final invasion, not of territory, but of our minds.

Google is nothing more than the index to the Internet.  Let it not be allowed to set itself up as the judge, jury and executioner of objective inquiry by joining with the Mohammedan in crushing freedom of speech.

Islam + Google = Censorship.
Help invalidate this equation, before it is too late. 


Mel Toast

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