Friday, January 15, 2010

First Mr. Gay China Pageant Cancelled

(Very Special Thanks to Bruce Vilanch)

The New York Times reports here that the first Mr. Gay China pageant was not meant to be. An hour before the show was set to begin on Friday night, eight police officers walked into a club where the venue was set to begin and shut it down, citing the organizers lack of “necessary permits.” There were eight men competing for the Mr. Gay China title, whereby the winner would have been the first Chinese entrant in the Worldwide Mr. Gay competition to be held next month in Oslo.

San Francisco's Prop 8 trial Day 4: Live coverage from the courtroom includes testimony that maintains gays and lesbians encounter “a disproportionate level of stress and mental health difficulties because of discrimination.” Although homosexuality in China is decriminalized and has become increasingly accepted socially, the report states that gay dating web sites are still blocked, and even if members of the gay community gather without fear of arrest, they rarely come out to their families and co-workers.

For gay rights advocates, the boundary between the permissible and the forbidden is always shifting. In 1997, China decriminalized gay sex. In 2001, homosexuality was removed from the official list of psychological disorders. During China’s first Gay Pride celebration last summer, the police in Shanghai forced the cancellation of several events, yet allowed others to take place.”

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