Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kucinich Sells Out: Dead Dem Skunks in the Middle of the Road

This Bill is a Sellout to Insurance Companies!”
 -Dennis Kucinich

Dead Dem Skunks in the Middle of the Road, Stinking to HIGH HEAVEN

Well, the plebes have been lied to once again. On March 15, two days ago – Dennis Kucinich correctly condemned Obamacare and said he would vote a firm “NO” on this odious bill. He explained “This bill is a sellout to insurance companies.” Today, it should come then, as no surprise, that being a politician and all – he LIED after going for a ride in AF One with that OTHER liar who “owns” the luxury skybus for another two more years who also once said he supported Single Payer!!!

If this isn't the final curtain call to vote a firm “NO” on any more Party of Big Money politicians, dunno what else is. Is anyone surprised? As a two election cycle Nader donor and supporter, yours truly wrote off the ineffectual, smiling egghead Kucinich a long time ago as the party's jovial Humpty Dumpty who could be trotted out to entertain and instill 'hope' (ooh, there's that word again) to the faithful.

Well, Dems, your party's favorite suspendered clown PREDICTABLY suspended his “morals” and “integrity” and just shattered your hopium glass crackpipe today by saying “YES” to this abortion of a “health care bill” that is designed to loot every last American without a portfolios and a good job.

R.I.P. American middle class, and to this dead Dem party of skunks. Skanks for the memories! AND for handing upcoming votes to your weasel GOP kissing cousins.

Party on, plebes! Raise a green glass this St. Patrick's Day to your gullibility!



Terry said...

Obama threatened to not campaign for K. if he didn't vote yes, but who in Congress would want him with this sinking approval ratings to campaign for them?

2Truthy said...

Haha. O threatening to NOT campaign for Dennis "Kleptocrat" Kucinich would be a gift to any smart, unsmug, un-self absorbed, in touch pol, but hey, whoever said Dems don't have their own teabagger brand of supporters comprised of delusional hillbilles?

Teabaggers = Repub
Fleabaggers = Dems