Thursday, March 4, 2010

Google China Hackers Stole Source Code: The Gay Rickshaw Times EXCLUSIVE

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It's time to get nasty on the sons of the celestial empire . . . What are they waiting for?” -TGS

Welcome back to The Gay Swami Times which we have renamed today The Gay Rickshaw Times Vol. 1 Issue 1. Click here for previous issues. Our newly expanded feature takes us to balmy mainland China, where all sorts of heavenly security breaches, bribery, balcony plunges and theft occur ALL THE TIME!

This exciting, new report reveals that the hackers behind attacks on Google Inc. and DOZENS of other companies operating in China “stole valuable computer source code by breaking into the personal computers of employees with privileged access” according to the world's No. 2 security software maker. The Chinese are stealing SOURCE CODE! And, since “source code” is to software what “the family jewels” are to man-crush pleasure trysts, you can bet that somebody down at the Mountain View dump (Googleville) is feeling a bit steamed...

HAHA! They're not the ONLY ones who steal and cheat Americans and then LIE about it, either:

The Chinese government has said that Google's claim that it was attacked by hackers based in China was "groundless."

They were GROUNDLESS, American fools! Muahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!


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