Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader on Obama's Deathcare Bill

Watch Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader: A Discussion on Healthcare, Politics and Reform

Congressman Kucinich’s points are not respected, either. There is no public choice or public option in order to keep prices down, so it’s an open sesame for these giant insurance companies that are concentrating more and more power, in violation of the antitrust laws, over the millions of American patients. And it doesn’t safeguard the states from the kind of litigation that’s heading toward Pennsylvania and California, that are now trying single payer.”
-Ralph Nader

I have doubts about the bill. I do not think it is a step toward anything I’ve supported in the past.”
-Dennis Kucinich

" But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”
-Nancy Pelosi

Cue up the soundtrack to Schindler's List.

Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez discuss with Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader here this Orwellian, IRS enforced MANDATORY odious “death sentence” bill Dennis Kucinich sealed his frothy lips around yesterday that is genocide for America's middle class. It really is a death sentence, not in the sense that teapartiers incorrectly describe it but in the numbers of educated Americans who will die from not being able to afford the cost-prohibitive insurance mafia 'protection' money when the country needs Single Payer.  

Kucinich changed his “NO” to “YES” vote on this deadly bill, saying it's a dangerous moment. Haha. Dangerous, that is, for a bunch of already golden Democratic Congressvermin who are on their way out and need to firm up their new 'K' Street lobbyist gigs via their allegiance to this reprehensible bill that should be outlawed. Dennis offers this cowardly, leaderless, soulless explanation of his whoreishness:

But I believe that now we need to look to support the efforts at the state level for single payer, to really jump over this debate and not have all those who want to see transformative change in healthcare be blamed for this bill going down. I think that really it’s a dangerous moment. You know, the Clinton healthcare reforms, which I thought were very weak, it’s been sixteen years since we’ve had a discussion about healthcare reform because of the experience of the political maelstrom that hit Washington. And I saw—I came to the conclusion, Amy, that it was going to—it would be impossible to start a serious healthcare discussion in Washington if this bill goes down, despite the fact that I don’t like it at all. And every criticism I made still stands.”

But Nader calls out the odious OBAMULATING O-dealer from Ohio AND the genocidal details of this COST-PROHIBITIVE, MANDATORY, Orwellian bill that is a nightmarish tax on middle class citizens architected to kill them if it doesn't bankrupt them first:

What we’re seeing here is a legislation that doesn’t even kick in until 2014, except for one or two items on staying with your parents’ insurance policy until you’re twenty-six. That means that there will be 180,000 Americans who will die between now and 2014 before any coverage expands, and hundreds of thousands of injuries and illnesses untreated. This bill does not provide universal, comprehensive or affordable care to the American people. It shovels hundreds and billions of dollars of taxpayer money into the worst corporations who’ve created this problem: the Aetnas, the CIGNAs, the health insurance companies. And it doesn’t require many contractual accountabilities and other accountabilities for people who are denied healthcare in this continuing pay-or-die system that is the disgrace of the Western world. For the drug companies, it’s a bonanza. It doesn’t require Uncle Sam to negotiate volume discounts. It allows these new biologic drugs, under patent, to fight off generic competition—that’s a terrible provision. And it doesn’t allow reimportation from countries like Canada to keep prices down.”

Nader, as always, steps in to prove to the Dems that a third party is overdue. But the incoherent, insufferable excuse Kucinich gives below about his support for this death sentence bill is that it's a “step” to state level single payer, only maybe, because he wants to see it that way:

I want to see this as a step. It’s not the step that I wanted to take, but a step so that after it passes, we can continue the discussion about comprehensive healthcare reform, about what needs to be done at the state level, because that’s really where we’re going to have to, I think, have a breakthrough in single payer, about diet, nutrition, comprehensive alternative medicine. There’s many things that we can do.”

Meanwhile, the schizophrenic talking points from two sides of the posterior continues about 1.) how it's a terrible, horrible, DREADFUL bill but we must 2.) loot and kill the middle class with it, anyway! Kucinich along with anyone else, including Michael Moore and the town sycophants across America who peddle this untruthful garbage are corporate entertainment tools. Yet, on and on Kucinich (as does Michael Moore) rambles, about how the Dems must pass this nightmarish bill they claim to loathe now or else it will be “twenty years” before Washington will ever address health care.

BULLSHIT. Dems, you are DONE. To think death wishing Democrats are so far up each others zippers to KO the middle class with this murderous and hateful bill again shows the need for third party leadership NOW.

What a REAL LEADER would say is “Scrap this steaming crap and do the right thing with affordable Single Payer, because we CAN and do DEFEAT shitty bills all the time and there is no reason to fucking STOP today, tomorrow, or for twenty years but in the meantime, START the fuck over now!” Jesus Christ - even the GOP will help sink it, you greedy moronic bastards, as at least they agree that this MANDATE is harmful and unconstitutional.

Oh, sure, if there is going to be a mandate in this bill, here it is: a mandate to force every corporate whore in this country to stop selling out our jobs to cheap imported third world labor to afford healthcare,  as yours truly previously reported that when Obama's "courageous" healthcare bill passes, jobs for American citizens are D.O.A.

Dennis Kucinich? What a con. You are the poster sleaze boy for “Kill 'em All, and Let God Sort 'Em Out/I Got Mine” and YOU SIR, are no  leader.


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