Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chelsea Clinton or Caroline Kennedy for Hillary's NY Senate Seat?

Caroline Riding her Pony, Macaroni on the Rose Garden Lawn

What Qualifies Caroline Kennedy for Hillary’s Senate Seat? Is her Marriage on the Rocks?

For sometime now, LWOH knew that that marriage was a dog and Macaroni pony show.

So what is one Non-Everyman of a privileged woman who hails from the country’s last Democratic dynasty with a pulse named “Kennedy” to do with herself once the kids are grown up and the marriage goes down the tubes? Grab a senate seat! Some say Caroline is qualified here.

Is Caroline's marriage simultaneously on the rocks? Eminent Day Editor Gawker stalker Alex Pareene confirms the sad news that it’s probably true, as speculation mounts over the end of her marriage to Ed Scholssberg.

Camelot’s own beloved Caroline Kennedy wants Hillary Clinton’s NY Senate Seat, and doesn’t want the hassle of having to get elected for it, either. So what if she can raise around $70 million required to hang onto the coveted seat over the next few years?

As long as we’re talking about dynasties, why not keep that NY Senate seat in the family and give it to hedge fund manager Chelsea, a New York resident with the ultimate Clinton Camelot pedigree? We have to admit that Bill and Hillz own the market in the smarts department. Besides, Chelsea is nice, too! Plus, THE Stanford/Oxford graduate Chelsea is no slouch and could likely run rings around Caroline in an economics game of trivial pursuit. After all, when the U.S. Government Business Plan so far is to sell out every white collar job left in America to third world hustlers, wouldn’t a direct line into Dubai and Mumbai count a WHOLE LOT more on the fundraising side?

Oh those blasted dynasties...As Caroline skeptic Rachel Maddow said,

“this needs to stop or we should rename the Senate the House of Lords.”

Silly Rachel, we love ya, but...Is she just playing semantics? “House of Lords?” Mwahahahhaaa, it just goes by another name: The United States Senate. The only difference is that one doesn’t have to dress up like a bunch of dreadfully over made-up school girls.

Anyway, Caroline detractors are rearing up all over the internets in the form of “new media” attachments -- not without their own personal agendas to sniff for monetary gain from a Clinton teat tie to the One Big Money Party trough. (Granted, the Clintons would most definitely otherwise be a knock-out team if they were not dedicated to selling out white collar jobs to India.) Oh, for the good old days when Ralph Nader ran for president, like he does every four years to remind a hijacked public of the charlatans who buy this pathetic excuse of a sycophant media…

Now that investigative journalists have been kicked to the curb and we are treated instead to an embarrassing cadre of non-journalist new media One World self-promoters who market and sell the appointment of millionaires to the ultimate millionaires club, the United States Senate, look for change, people. Look high. And higher, and higher, still. See those pigs flying , yet?

Caroline? Chelsea? Heads or Tails? They’re both nice.



Peter of Lone Tree said...

Maybe Caroline'll be the one to go after the guys who bumped off her father, her brother, and her uncle.

Citizen Carrie said...

Why don't they turn the NY senate seat into a Senate Seat At Large? The US could get a few bucks in the treasury by auctioning it off to the highest bidder.

Kos Mc Joke said...

Better yet, now that Blago will be singing more than Christmas carols to keep his sorry ass out of the pokey, why not just hand it to him in exchange for his "cooperation"?
(He needs to brush up on that New Yawka accent anyway.)

2Truthy said...

PoLT, do you think she'd bite the hand that feeds her?

CC, why NOT put the Senate Seats up on eBay? Hasn't the State of IL already established that precedent?

Is it just me or is anyone finding this whole ruse of our "elected" officials actually being "elected" horribly boring?

prezdumas said...

The fact that she (Caroline) fully expects at least a shot of bypasing an election alone ought to have the country up in arms. At least there is good discussion about the cons here and around the news.

The problem is that entitlement is expected by the rank and file due to a complete lack of the public's access (locally and nationally) to the coporate asshat meetings where bad trade and labor deals transpire; deals responsible for selling out this country. Don't forget who pays to make the rulz and who buys who.

Watch the shiny object------ As long as this country looks left while media hacks shield the public from corporate masters such as Billy Goats and others who dominate International panels of discussion on human trafficking (oops, didn't I mean 'trade'??) like the CFR (Joe Biden's and Hillary's baby), the word "accountability" means squat.

Anyone up for a ski trip to Davos next month?

JerseyCynic said...

Great post tt! Great comments!

I've always been secretly obsessed with Caroline and john-john. Oh the daydreams I had as a kid...

Caroline was my pseudo name when I was into the bar scene many moons ago!

I still have a special place in my heart for Caroline. I guess she still can do no wrong in my book.

I know

I know

I know

2Truthy said...

Oh, I know. Caroline is a sweetheart, and does seem very nice. My favorite was Jackie.

But at what point do we say ENOUGH with the royalty and start to demand that real people take these jobs that decide the fate of real American's lives here in our own towns? The disconnect between "royalty" and "real people" has become greater as the culture of political corruption and corporate America have successfully downgraded our goverment into one big fat mafia of elites.

Soooo, Caroline is nice but hey, I'd rather see Joe the Plumber (ok, maybe not THAT one) but some real citizens who face the problems of real people start getting elected to office for a change.

JerseyCynic said...

oh me too tt.

nows that I are all growed up and

living in the real vs. fantasy world