Thursday, December 4, 2008

Change We Can Choke Down

Change We Can Choke Down

Remember how the presidential election was marketed to change Washington D.C.’s super-stale status quo to cook up a new and improved brand of government, instead? Just because there are no “progressives” in Obama’s new Cabinet, who says the president-elect’s choices don’t demonstrate his supreme self-confidence to potentially end the War on Obesity?

If the new Hot Dog-in Chief doesn’t want a pantry full of like-minded, eager ‘yes men and women’ in his gourmet Cabinet, that is a hot shift in direction from the Bush or the Clinton years. Even if it doesn’t sound like the change the nation was promised, some people would like to know what President-elect Obama intends to do about the nation's growing girth.

So, starting with the little things, a think tank called the Public Health Advocacy Institute, housed at Northeastern University's School of Law submitted a hardy list of around 50 legal and policy recommendations designed to fight the nation’s obese people (in their own kitchens so we won’t have to fight them for seat room on commercial sky busses like the Canadians who give their flyers an extra seat for free) to Obama's Health and Human Services transition team:

"Public health, unlike some other national assets, cannot be 'rescued' or 'bailed out,' " PHAI President Richard Daynard wrote in a cover letter attached to the document, declaring "A sophisticated and aggressive federal approach to obesity is desperately needed."

With so much on his plate, such as jobs, access to healthcare and FDA oversight, will Obama have bigger fish to fry?



Citizen Carrie said...

I'm curious if US taxpayers will have to foot the bill if Obama develops lung cancer.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

You have really given your readers something to chew on.

2Truthy said...


No problem. With Barry's War Cabinet, I hear there's going to be no shortage of body parts at Walter Reese to give to him.


Hot diggity! Here's a conspiracy theory: The Canadian airlines give fatties an extra seat on airplanes to encourage more growth! That way, their universal healthcare system is stimulated and the waits are longer, guaranteeing demand from now to kingdom come.