Friday, December 19, 2008

Joy to the World! Stand by Me

Many thanks to these extraordinary musicians, filmmakers and the Playing For Change Foundation. Peace and joy to all.

Happy Friday, Loserettes!



Peter of Lone Tree said...

Added to my "Music" bookmarks.

2Truthy said...

The Foundation is worth checking out, too. If there is one charity I'm down with, it's supporting peace through music.

Citizen Carrie said...

That is an amazing video. Great voices, and great musicianship too!

And what an adorable young man in the photos!

JerseyCynic said...

Who's that cutie pie in the pics??!

Film maker Mark Johnson says this:
"These collections of songs and interviews serve as a reminder of the power of the human spirit as well as a means of further illustrating our global collective conscience. We live in a world with way too many starving children and way too many warring nations. As a human race we come together for birth, and we come together for death, what brings us together in between is up to us."

another song sample


Music and video content from PLAYING FOR CHANGE: PEACE THROUGH MUSIC, featured on BILL MOYERS JOURNAL, will be available through Playing For Change's online store in early 2009, and released on CD and DVD in the Spring of 2009 through Hear Music. If you have any questions regarding this project, please email

2Truthy said...

Thanks CC, the model offered several pics (I opted out of the ones from Barcelona;)

Wow JC, thanks for this song sample! I am so impressed with these filmmakers who so seamlessly produce these tight shots of unscripted, real music from all around the world.

I say, it is music that binds and not tons of cheap electronic crap from China made to break every three to six months. The world's governments need to rethink the strategey about pushing unlimited supplies of gadgets as its economic engine and focus on sustainable and healthy stuff like food, clothing, medicine, shelter and music!