Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Few Things

Yours truly will be out of town today at an undisclosed location. If you need to contact me, be sure to call my cell phone.

In the meantime, enjoy these wonderful stories:

1. Did you know that turncoat Joe Lieberman's committee oversees DHS, the newly created department designed to sell out American white collar jobs to the third world? Read Patrick Thibodau's article in Computerworld here.

2. If you didn't know that pragmatism trumps change (or the difference between the two), The Real News Network explains it all for you here.

3. The Dark Wraith explains to David Sirota respectfully and with expert gravitas the important distinction between the Hope-n-Change School of Economics and real economics.

4. For a behind the scenes peek at how alternative fuel technologies bubble up, check out Citizen Carrie's Plug-In v. Hydrogen Technologies.

5. Don't forget to check out the Blondes, and absolutely make sure to click on The Jersey Cynic's hilarious post "3rd Race at the Honeymoon Is Over Downs"



Citizen Carrie said...

For the last year or so, Sirota's either been speaking out of both sides of his mouth or speaking with a forked tongue. I can't decide which. Regardless, most of the time I can't even figure out what he's trying to communicate in his articles.

QUINCY said...

A wise old Sow once said:

"Forked tongues have a special way of slopping up to the trough, and they have to speak in code to take cuts in line. Even when they make it all up and it sounds just like Swahili."