Friday, February 27, 2009

Zombie Banks

(Special thanks to Mark Fiore)
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The Zombie Banks

Paul Krugman says that it looks as if we’re headed for the decade of the living dead in his article All the President’s Zombies.

The comments are the best part. Here is one to ponder:

“It’s safe to say that this is intentional.
The people in the administration must know that their pursuing the Japanification of our financial system, and the subsequent concrete-filled sunken frigate that places in the way of economic recovery.
I’m unwilling to chalk this up to incompetence, and there’s simply no wiggle room left for plausible deniability.
So, the question becomes. Knowing full well that this is an incredibly bad plan that is going to completely undermine the efficacy of any movement toward recovery, why are they pursuing it?”
— Nathan Aschbacher

As long as the Goldman Sachs foxes & Obama’s private sector Economic Advisory Board are acting in their personal best interest as judge, jury and executioner of taxpayer funds get to keep guarding the Henhouse, how long will Americans be content with such rampant socialism for the Plutocracy?

Patrice Ayme wonders why The People continue to allow themselves to pay for the hyper rich to fleece them in this excellent article. Ayme describes how America’s “thick, plutocratic layer” has established for themselves “fiscal paradises, places where their money was channeled to escape the IRS” and suggests that those “geniuses”, the “outstanding” friends of Obama’s advisers who contrived the greatest Ponzi scheme of all times (the derivative system) be held accountable by pushing for RICO (The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.)

When it comes to making them accountable, it is crystal clear that any talk of “transparency” coming from the private sector Economic advisory board and the Obama administration is first filtered and distilled to make it palatable for select Pigs at the Trough.

Party on, plebes!



Citizen Carrie said...

Wow! Thanks for the link to Patrice's website. I always enjoy reading the thoughts of someone who can see through the governement lies.

Too bad Nathan Aschbacher didn't link to a blog. He's certainly asking the right questions. Think we should point him to Culture of Life so he can get his answers?

I was also thinking just a few minutes before I came to your site that perhaps the Obama administration wants to hasten the "creative destruction" of our existing corporations (note the recent performance of stock prices on Wall Street) so the only ones standing are green companies and health IT companies being funded by the VC's (and U.S. taxpayers, of course).

2Truthy said...

Funny you should mention Elaine, I just referenced another one of her great posts about Obama wanting us all to go to school and thought of you as she cited the Detroit Amtrack station.

And the "creative destruction" thing? I take that to mean those certain vcs who control him are revving the engines towards a town near you:)

I will be the first to admit that fundamentally, Obama is absolutely right about the need to rebuild infrastructures, and the more energy efficient and sustainable they are, the better. Like Elaine says in her post, I just want the hordes of our unemployed/underemployed citizens and not imported workers to be the people doing the work. And not for slave wages, as it appears to be the direction that Obama's watch has the country headed in. This is why I can't sing the praises of this president nor the shady, perhaps even crack addicted company he keeps who have his ear.

I also believe that he is aiming at universal health care, which if administered well, will take us in the right direction. However, I don't know whether he trusts the frat boys (vcs) implicitly enough not question the colossal waste involved with the wasteful HITECH e-health records appropriations $$ and if he is fully aware of its privacy invasion aspects of it OR if he really gets it and is completely down with it. (I'll lean towards the latter.)

Father Tyme said...

Nov. 4th Obama was elected president; Nov 5th, he met the REAL rulers of America! And they told him to fuggedabout those campaign promises.
He's taking us to dinner (Chinese or Indian), we'll go see a movie for a dose of unreality, then he'll walk us home arm in arm, probably stay the night but he isn't going to kiss us.
As with all the others, he made the choice to stay healthy! Except possibly for JFK!