Friday, May 1, 2009

H-1B J-1 Visa Holders/ Immigrants More Productive than Americans

Educated Americans Are Stupid

Educated Americans are just too plain stupid to do the work that they “can’t do” and are shackled to this ship of foolishness. Don’t these blithering American educated fools know that the United States was built upon discrimination and slave trade and that the white collar middle class is its new niggar? Who will be the American white collar worker’s Abe Lincoln, MLK, their Ghandi?

This Wall Street Journal article entitled H-1B, J-1 Immigrants More Productive than Americans hammers another nail in the coffin of millions and millions of stupid American professionals whose jobs are being handed over to imported workers from India who are smart enough to figure out that they can get away with stealing jobs from American citizens who invested heavily in their educations at some of our finest, highest institutions of learning. The study says Indian immigrants are so much smarter – even when India’s worldclass, vaunted higher institutions of learning are cranking out scholars who pursue their advanced degrees in the country’s number one major: Get Fake Degree, then go Places.

The WSJ explains:

“Firms, universities and teaching hospitals are successful in attracting and selecting immigrants who remain in the United States to outperform natives, thereby likely increasing U.S. total factor productivity.”

See? If the WSJ says Americans are too stupid, who is anyone to argue? Why can’t Americans get it through their thick skulls that after popping hundreds of thousands of dollars per student to attend our Top Ten and Ivy League schools, one accredited American bachelor’s degree is only equivalent to one highly coveted, fake Indian Master’s Degree?

Don’t even ask why American idiots are so incredibly stupid as to pursue advanced degrees - especially in technology and medicine when the uber smart Indian visa and green card traffickers and holders have mastered the underworld art of skirting prevailing wage provisions by indicating that your prospective H-1B employee will be working in a low-wage state like Iowa, and then turn around and place them in higher-wage states like New Jersey and California. Oh yes, the best and brightest Indians don’t need American MBA degrees to drive down wages. These crafty imports have complicit corporate American executives and politicians with those overpriced American college degrees (many with MBAs) to even get them to do it for them!

Why, one recent study shows that almost fifty percent of doctors working now in hospitals are Indians imported to vastly enrich American, fabulously manipulative healthcare administrators by working for a fraction of the pay American medical doctors can’t afford after forking over the dough for all those horribly overrated American medical schools like Yale and Duke and Stanford.

Thank God for articles like this WSJ masterpiece that blows the lid on these stupid American educated citizens and their ridiculous need to work for good wages in the fields they studied for. If it weren’t for the best and brightest Indians with their crackerjack diplomas who deserve the medical jobs that American medical grads are clearly too stupid to do, can someone please explain how a few hospital executives could wildly profit? Just think: by paying lower and lower wages each year, American hospitals and technology corporations, too, can show the world how stupid American educated citizens can get along just fine without having jobs to pay for all that overpriced healthcare and technology that they are too stupid to afford and even operate.

My favorite takeaway in this propaganda piece from the WSJ is best summarized by commenter “prezdumas” who shows how American writers at the WSJ at least know HOW TO LIE WITH STATISTICS:

“If you read the read the paper referenced in this article (I have and it cost $5), you will see that the conclusion is BULL. The paper compared the universe of all American Native college graduates with Foreign born workers. So, guess what? H1-B holders (who are supposedly SELECTED for their technical ability), file SLIGHTLY more patents than the average native college graduate.

Please read this carefully: this includes Native graduates with degrees in History, Landscape Architecture, Business, *hell*, POETRY, for God sakes!


Yet another example showing that WSJ editorial content is written by bitter ex-members of the John Birch Society.”

Don't worry. The Obama Administration has made oubly-doubly sure to that the best and brightest Indian visa and green card traffickers and holders will fully utilize their scholarly status in the U.S. by installing Indians linked to Federal bribery and money laundering stings to run America’s IT and relieving ignorant Americans of white collar jobs.

Another WSJ commenter reminded us how buried stories like  IT services firm based in South Plainfield, N.J., with a branch office in Coon Rapids, Iowa, was indicted on 10 federal counts, including conspiracy and mail fraud charges. The firm allegedly used fraudulent documents to bring H-1B visa workers into the U.S. The government is seeking the forfeiture of $7.4 million  that was gained through the alleged offenses. Five other technology companies remain under investigation for document fraud, prosecutors said. “We are only at the tip of iceberg as to where this [investigation] leads."

And thank God for the agents of Nasscom/TiE/USINPAC and other visa programs that are the necessary and glorious, indentured servitude programs we desperately need to shore up America’s starving, upper-caste oligarchy.

Yes, it’s time that all deplorable American educated citizens were shut out of high wage (or any) jobs here, and maybe they’ll even take to the streets and help beef up the struggling media industry, just like the Swine Flu pandemic. After all, it’s only a matter of time before 3-4 million technology professionals alone have been displaced by Indian imported labor. And the first black president in U.S. needs something to look back on to take serious credit for.



Red Oak said...

Looks like the gloves are starting to come off in the comments section. Not just in this article - I've noticed a trend. It's my impression that even as little as 6 months to a year ago most posters tried to present their points with restraint and civility. Now people are just effin' angry and letting in all hang out. (And the "defenders" postings are more and more heavily weighted toward screeching "racist"! So informed and helpful.)

Can't say this state of affairs pleases me - it's a sign of how dangerously incompetent and oblivious the "leadership" of this country is. And I see no evidence that they plan to do anything but continue to torment and impoverish American workers. It's such a comfort to be governed by really stupid, venal, short-sighted people.

2Truthy said...

Have you noticed? I too have noticed this trend in comment sections, and even on a blog CC and I linked to that crosses the line between sarcasm and aggression against people and not culprits. Praytell, there is a line.

R.I.P. "Civility".

The discourse has degenerated from mean spirited to full blown hatred of thy neighbor. Divide and Conquer is spinning like a top in these United States of America. Do you think this does our corporofascist government proud?

It will be interesting to see what the uber profitable tech lobby backed and run administration will do to reverse this ugly, social "networking" trend, or if they will continue to throw more gasoline on the fire by propping up their trough bedazzled, new media handlers with the "Hate" and the "R" card -- their best weapon against the deplorable American worker who dares to question their human trafficking profit motives. Shame on them. This can and should stop.

I want this administration to succeed and hope that they (by some divine intervention) can show up the last one and do the basic math to figure out that when the beams can't take it, Scotty, all hell breaks loose. But how can they value the lives of our communities while they helicopter above them and seek to to ruin them? That is the question.
And that is where the root of this incivility lies.

Anonymous said...

forgive me for skimming the latter portion, but here's my comment on the first portion:

i don't have an ivy league degree, though i guess my cousin does, in computer science. anyway, when i first worked at microsoft around 1995, i interviewed people for employment there, and indians with masters degrees began interviewing. half of these degrees were from American universities. i guess i'd call those the good half. the other half were from india. at that time i didn't know the reasoning but it sure seemed like a masters degree from india was junk, becauase i don't think i ever hired an indian candidate. this has changed a bit but it may still be true that 90% of indian candidates don't qualify for employment at ms. still, 10% is a lot of good labor. alright, smear and jeer me! - mcfnord

Anonymous said...

The United States of America is at a crossroads. Which will it decide? Them or the U.S.? It can easily dismantle this slave trade accord with India, which ONLY BENEFITS A FEW LIKE HILLARY D-PUNJAB CLINTON or citizens can kick their corrupt asses out of office.

Anonymous said...

bugger off, Google Inc. caste system pervs.

poopera software asa said...

I'm a little fraudster, short and stout...
Overstayed my TEMPORARY visa, now you can't throw me out.

Mukesh Speak said...

H-1B as a remedy for labor shortages and as a means of hiring "the best and the brightest" from around the world (which I

strongly support), the vast majority are ordinary people doing ordinary work. Instead of being about talent, H-1B is about cheap labor.

H-1B visa holders may only work for sponsoring employers after approval by the Departments of Labor and Homeland Security.

Although most of the non-compliant H-1B workers had posted wages from employers in fields associated with technical or

specialty occupations, the report noted that one H-1B worker had earnings from a restaurant and janitorial service.

H-1b visa

2Truthy said...

Last week I attended an event sponsored by my Alma Mater and met a wonderful 27 year old programmer from Turkey with a CS Masters degree from our university who was just hired by an F50 company on H-1b. The job is very good, and so is the compensation package (he is making an upper end prevailing local professional wage with great perks,etc.)

He expressed fear and concern that if the job doesn't work out for any reason and he can't find another job within (I think he said only one month?) he will have to return to his native country when he wants very much to stay here. He was so smart, nice and eager to become part of our local community that I would certainly hire him in a New York minute!

Moral of the story: the H-1b program is said to have been originally intended ONLY for the very best and brightest to fill U.S. job openings and in this young man's case, he certainly appears to fit the bill. I believe all fine, qualified people like him should have every opportunity to just get a Green Card (as long as there are any good jobs left in this country.)

Anonymous said...

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