Monday, November 24, 2008

Obama Picks White Collar Job Killer Queen Janet Napolitano as New DHS Kahuna

(h/t Rob Sanchez at Zazona/Job Destruction News)

There is a war on America’s white collar middle class raging on, and the president-elect is as busy as Santa’s elf-elect-in-chief while he lines up his cabinet with the equivalent of Drano ® to pour into the employment pipeline of every last job opportunity for white collar Americans in this country (sans the few elites with backstage passes to the trough.)

Borrowing shamelessly from Rob Oak’s blog post title at the Economic Populist on president-elect Obama’s choice to head up the Department of Homeland Security, Oak cite’s truthful stats and facts behind the billion dollar question as to why the DHS is actually in charge of selling out America’s white collar jobs:

“Great huh! The post which is supposed to be concerned about national security, border security will once again be used instead as a cheap labor conduit pool against the United States worker. Damn the statistics, damn the facts, let's just put the biggest corporate cheer leader for cheap labor in a critical position and undermine United States Science and Technology Professionals!”

Patrick Thibodeau’s excellent Computerworld article points out how DHS is in charge of kicking educated American white collar professionals to the curb in favor of hiring imported, cheap workers from India under the corporate mafia sponsored myth of a Great American Labor Shortage. Thibodeau writes:

“The person thought to be President-elect Barack Obama's leading choice to be secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, has been a strong advocate of increasing H-1B visas -- a stance that could turn out to be a lightning-rod issue during her confirmation.
In testimony, speeches and a letter sent last fall to congressional leaders, Napolitano, a two-term governor, has left a clear trail of support for increasing the H-1B visa cap to address what she has argued is a shortage of "skilled workers.”

As yours truly reported last year when Barack Obama ran against Hillary Clinton, he correctly exposed her ties and allegiance to the India Lobby to profit from the brokering of our jobs to foreign citizens. (Note: my post referenced an Obama oppo research source link that is no longer available – not surprising, now that Hillary is onboard the good ship Obama as Secretary of State, is it?) I guess all that profiteering amongst elites at the expense of the American white collar worker is looking mighty fine to the new boss in chief, too.

There is no shortage of “skilled workers”, but a shortage of job opportunities for the growing millions of educated white collar professionals who are already unemployed, underemployed and this trend is growing at an accelerated rate. Meanwhile, wealthy corporate elites like Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt lobbied for more imported, cheap labor in Washington last week with the usual “oh poor, poor students” disingenuous, cynical and sleazy mischaracterization of how companies like his have no conscience or concern for millions of educated, white collar American professionals their companies deliberately choose to not hire with this deliberately incomplete, villous and twisted propaganda pitch:

“the current policy of forcing foreign students unable
to get a visa to go back home is "bizarre -- it's disgusting."

Outsourced and imported cheap labor has only succeeded in making a few elites at Intel, Microsoft, HP, Cisco and Google along with a host of investment professionals very wealthy creatures of habit, and look at where the market has been of late? These elites have relied on the practice of hiring and lording over third world workers instead of Americans without any concern for what this does to our citizens who have studied, worked hard and played by the rules to find themselves now persona not gratis to the hubris class that Schmidt enjoys his members only privilege. What Schmidt carefully omitted in his loathsome condemnation of American professionals seeking employment is the fact that over the last fifteen years, white collar workers have been increasingly struggling with a net loss of white collar job opportunities and diminishing incomes and benefits, not a surplus. Now that the country is in a recession, the need to employ Americans first and set accountable limits on the number of dubiously “skilled” foreign workers has never been greater.

For anyone still in denial over the carefully calculated, bipartisan, corporate sponsored and DC sanctioned determination to eliminate white collar job opportunities for Americans, watch the above video for a good look at what your president-elect and his Google-if-ied cronies and beltway bandits BFF's have in store for you.



Citizen Carrie said...

The sad thing is that there is no amount of incentives or tax breaks or threatening laws that can be passed that will turn the attitude around that every job that can be offshored should be offshored.

When we rolled over and played dead, the corporations just merrily sent our jobs away. When we started putting up a fuss, well, let's say that slapping CEO's along the side of the head and calling them idiots doesn't seem to work either.

I'm at a loss of what to do next. I think American workers might need to band together to hire some hire-powered expensive consulting firms to start representing our interests. If we can get the right people to start schmoozing with our Overlords on their jets and yachts, we might have a chance.

Red Oak said...

Carrie - It's hard to compete with super-pigs, financially, when it comes to using existing but thoroughly the corrupt institutions to protect one's family and nation. If there was a time when that could have turned things around this way, it's long since passed. It's become apparent that
whatever little we have left, either for ourselves or what we hoped to leave as some kind of patrimony for our posterity, the pigs have decided that it's theirs to take as they please. (I keep having this nightmare that at the end of this month my savings statements will come showing "balance = $0.00", with a little note saying "The boys at AIG and GS and Citi needed a little R&R with their pals at the Fed and Treasury last weekend, and your account was randomly chosen for a compulsory contribution for the expenses of these Atlases of our economy. P.S. You have been assessed a service charge for allowing your accounts to go below the minimum. P.P.S. Haaah-ha! Loser.)

And yet, even with the treason and sociopathy on blatant display in D.C. these last few months, how many "citizens" do you think are paying the slightest attention to it? How obvious does it have to get before Americans grasp the appalling extent of their betrayal by their "leaders"? Is it sinking in to all the little hopey-changers that Team #2 of the turbo-charged parasites is providing relief for Team #1 in January?

I'm tired of going to bed in a state of gut-churning rage and waking up in the same state every morning. And you know what? I'm doing all right. I can probably continue to prosper, materially, in the cheapjack globo strip-mall ant-world our betters are so viciously constructing. Why are people who are already really hurting still standing around chewing their cuds and acting as if they believe anyone in Washington gives a shit about the prosperity and security of this country and its citizens? If you'll allow me to rant, do people have to actually get hungry before they get angry? Do their children have to start dying of what were once easily and affordably treatable conditions in First World countries before they grasp what's been done to them - what they've done to themselves - and what they've lost?

Sorry to get all hyperbolic on y'all this afternoon. What was simmering rage has graduated to incandescent fury with the Citi crime.

But I don't yet know what to do, anymore than you do. I do know that if we don't get these parasites and their enablers off our backs our nation is going to die.

(Happy Thanksgiving! Show some gratitude and stop complaining! You don't live in Zimbabwe, do you?)

2Truthy said...

CC, The strangest thing about this white collar genocide of our educated middle class workers is predicated upon what I have seen firsthand through years of experience out here: the hubris ridden ceo's and vc's who bankroll them are psychologically motivated to emulate the Old Colonial British in their determination to move the Indian caste system into this country in order to keep their educated peers who might question and confront their smug judgments at bay. THEY LOVE EMPLOYEES WHO BARELY UNDERSTAND THE LANGUAGE, let alone what they are up to in order to game the corporate cultural system to work for only a few insiders. They do not want to work amongst peers, but rather clamor to structure lopsided orgs where there are way too many low paid worker bees with one Old Colonial Ruler to report to. CS professionals rightly complain about the disproportionate numbers of inexperienced programmers who are all bumping into each other to work on one project when, on average, a simple one or two experienced guys can perform the work and manage the projects onsite.

As I have said before, take a day trip sometime to the Google HQ campus to see this phenomenon in motion. None of this is to imply they or other companies don't hire good people from other countries, but it is the disproportionate ratio and the planned agreement amongst management that they will displace American programmers first by hiring inexperienced foreign grads and visa holders that is unmistakably a problem and should be reformed, if not criminalized.(I know, I'm speaking to the choir here...)

"(Happy Thanksgiving! Show some gratitude and stop complaining! You don't live in Zimbabwe, do you?)"

Red Oak, Oh, those little "hopey-changers" won't know what hit 'em and when it does, they'll be asking themselves "how can I SACRIFCE some MORE, won't they?;("

The level of self loathing and denial from the Left has displayed on the issue of disappearing jobs is embarrassing, if not shocking.

Now where was I just recently reading that WE ARE starting to resemble Zimbabwe? This IS scary, and who is steering the ship?

Here's a Hitlerian nightmare I see, and it ain't while I'm sleeping, either -- which is that the scariest thing of all that this is all being done with the complicity of the Left. How has the Left been so easily co-opted to essentially say "here, take what I have and give it to the third world because I have so much" while they lose their jobs, homes, healthcare, 401k, stocks and the rest? And what to do? I am afraid there is no amount of incentive to motivate a few greedy elites at home to stop their megalomania to build a caste system of serfs in order to horde what's left of this world's dwindling precious resources.

thetownliar said...

"the president-elect is as busy as Santa’s elf-elect-in-chief while he lines up his cabinet with the equivalent of draino to pour into the employment pipeline of every last job opportunity......"

"the equivalent of draino"

My dear,

You are back.

Citizen Carrie said...

I saw a roundtable discussion on Peter Mansbridge's CBC show "The National" last night where one economist (I believe) noted that with U.S. interest rates being close to zero and bank accounts only paying out about 1%, the only way we can make any real money is by putting our funds into highly risky investments.

We've figured out one hell of a way to treat our retirees here. Take away their pensions, rob them blind of their 401(k) money, then castigate them for their lifestyle choices if they are so rude as to need additional services as they age.

You're absolutely correct, Red Oak. The "right" people need to start dying on the streets before we start taking action. Widows and orphans constitute acceptable losses at this point.

In Iceland, their citizens are starting to tear the country apart. We're watching "Dancing With the Stars" over here.

2Truthy, here's to the return of the Raj. Perhaps Obama should come up Pennsylvania Avenue on an elephant on Inauguration Day.

2Truthy said...

Thanks, Townliar;) We try...

CC, Did the guy elaborate on what kind of risky investments those would be? "the only way we can make any real money is by putting our funds into highly risky investments."? Is anyone thinking about what this country will look like when this nation of millions of boomers about to retire within the next 3-5 years (who have no 401k, SS, and pensions and access to healthcare)? Meanwhile, they are continuing the plan to import millions more cheap workers as hospitals are closing and white collar jobs are disapperaing. American CEO's, warmongering AIPAC sucking politicos, vulutre capitalists and their WS investment bank buddies (there, I just defined "elite", throw in the media, too) are using the livlihoods of our white collar citizens as bargaining chips for all kinds of profiteering "goodies" like getting to place nukes in India in exchange for cheap workers. Talk about "disgusting", Mr. Eric Schmidt.

Citizen Carrie said...

No, he didn't elaborate on the "risky investments", but I believe he was talking in terms of whatever the modern equivalent of junk bonds is these days.

2Truthy said...

OK Apache J.,

Drop me a line already but quit the lurking already.